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Thanks for stealing the spotlight...AGAIN.

Posted on Thu, Apr. 20, 2017 at 06:31 pm

Thanks for ruining my fucking announcement you dramatic, attention seeking bitch. But honestly it's my fault for trying to make an announcement around you. I should've known better. Every time we go to dinner, or to to a family get together, or have any kind of conversation you insist on being the center of fucking attention. Nobody can get a word in. You dominate any and all conversation and if someone else tries to change the subject and bring up their own discussion or topic, you immediately interrupt and make them feel like worthless shit. Like nobody in the room matters but you. And by the way, your stories are ridiculously exaggerated and everyone knows it. You're a rude, inconsiderate, condescending bitch. The world to NOT fucking revolve around you. You're way too fucking old to be acting this way. My wonderful announcement was fucking ruined and made insignificant because you had to interrupt me just to ramble on about your pathetic life. I will never forget this you fucking c***. You've always been like this and this was the last straw.

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I hate my husband

Posted on Thu, Apr. 20, 2017 at 05:29 pm

I hate you. Your mother was so mean to me after my father died . When I was having a party she tried to make me cry by looking at a picture of my dad and making a stupid face . Also the day that he died she told me off . Maybe I should do all the nasty things that she did to me back to her so that she know how it feels . Why are you not taking my side she was so mean to me . Why would you think that I have to be nice to her . She wasn't to me . Do you care about me at all do you because if you did this would have never happened why can't you tell her to leave me alone forever . Why . Why can't you see how terrible she has been to me . And yet your rewarding her for treating me like shit. You really have some nerve !!!!!!! I know it's your mother but there is no reason for her behavior and you need to tell her that no one will ever treat your wife that way ever!!! If you really cared about me which you do not

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Just disgusting in-laws

Posted on Thu, Apr. 20, 2017 at 03:14 pm

My in-laws are plain and simple disgusting and self centered people.
My 2 SIL are bitches-1 worse than the other.
My MIL is an arrogant and offensive and self centered mother.
FIL is a puppet to his wife and daughters and should have been a man and put an end to the tension these withces caused within the family.

They make no effort to be in our lives or my childrens lives. Then they complain and accuse us of keeping the kids from them. At this point I don't care and yea with people like you my kids don't need to be around that or influenced by your arrogant stupidity.

It has gotten so ugly we are just going to have to sever ties. I feel bad for my husband but this family relationship is unhealthy. I myself battling breast cancer and don't need this aggravation.

FU bitches!! I hope karma finds you and I get to witness it all when all the harm and evil you've done comes back triple fold to you!!!

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Posted on Thu, Apr. 20, 2017 at 01:13 pm

I saw the perfect gift that you would love at amazing price!

The only challenge is that you don't deserve a gift for being the way you are and the way you have treated me

I didn't buy the item.

I could of bought a card but they didn't have one that said "You are dead to me."

So, no card for you either.

Inlaw, you messed up. I am kind and thoughtful but not to people who don't deserve anything

Someday, you realize what you are missing out on

It is too late for you now

Damage done

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Be VERY Careful.

Posted on Thu, Apr. 20, 2017 at 12:42 pm

I don't think you realise just how easy it is to shut the door on you.

Keep your distance! Or you won't have a choice at all. You know these are not empty words.

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A letter my DH and I plan to send to MIL

Posted on Thu, Apr. 20, 2017 at 09:29 am

Dear MIL,
I’m sorry for losing my temper earlier, however everything I said, I meant.
We have decided to no longer to have contact with you from here on out, to spare everyone’s feelings over words spoken in the heat of the moment. Our decision to do so is not an easy one and is not made out of anger, but acceptance. We realize that you will always believe the hurtful things you have said and done, the things you will say and do, are okay to say and deny as you see fit. We understand that our perspectives are very different and that this is not the way you see things. That is your prerogative. We do not take these things lightly and have found our own non-response to them, instead of returning more harsh words. If it were a simple mistake and apology we could find it in our hearts to forgive however this is about the cycle of verbal and emotional abuse that has been repeated over and over again. We have witnessed this in a perpetuated cycle over the last several years. You, yourself have probably endured a lot of similiar abuse in your life and we are so sorry for that, but it stops with us. We think it’s important that you seek professional help, not only for any abuse you have suffered but for the divorce you went through, as it has been used as an excuse to justify your actions multiple times. We want happiness for you but not at the price of our own.
This will be the last contact we have with you for a long time. History is hard thing to mend, as it sets a precedence for the future. Maybe one day we will find peace with each other but for now this is best for all of us.

Not sure if she can manage to read all that without a dictionary... she didn't know what passive aggressive meant the last time we "spoke". -_- Any way... BYE MIL!! GLAD TO SEE YOU GO.

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Can we file harassment charges??

Posted on Thu, Apr. 20, 2017 at 09:26 am

Just keep sending your adult son pages of text messages explaining how you are not crazy.. and justifying the crazy behavior by saying, "its called being a parent." Umm all three of your sons are all living on their own and over the age 23.. its time to let go, they aren't twelve anymore.

... No one even called you crazy, you old bat.

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Will Never Change...

Posted on Thu, Apr. 20, 2017 at 05:23 am

Even with a terminal illness you still have to be a nasty bitch! I have never met anyone like you in my entire life. You should be embarrassed about your behavior. You are a jealous, narcissistic, two faced lying bitch. Do you really want to leave a legacy of being a selfish liar because that's how people see you. Then you wonder why people don't want to be around you. I am trying so hard to have compassion for you, but you sure don't make it easy... Even your son thinks you're an ass!

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Posted on Wed, Apr. 19, 2017 at 01:06 pm

My husband had a curio cabinet that his late mother used to house her knick-knacks. It was particle board and tacky with gold foil along the back, not something I would choose to decorate around. My husband said one of his family members wanted it, if he delivered it. No way, this "girl" and her husband were in their late 20's and owned a pickup. If they wanted it they could pick it up themselves. I'm not letting my 60 year old husband strain his back for these entitled a**holes. We already gave them bedroom furniture and a housewarming gift. I called a charity to pick it up for donation.

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I'm done

Posted on Wed, Apr. 19, 2017 at 10:00 am

I gotta a feeling my b-I-L is gonna have to move in again with his baby mama & all of their kids who they can't seem to get under manners. They use our car & smoke in it although we tell them not to. Their lack of respect for our things is unbelievable. I told them that if your 15 yr old stepson smokes in my restroom & does inappropriate things that he will have to go to his granny in the nearby city over. Apparently they complained to my wife & I was wrong for not being okay with being disrespected in my own household. He keeps getting fired but refuses to move in with the other sister. She has smaller space though. Me & wife & child moved out of i laws house in 2009 & we havent been able to live for 6months alone with just us 3. & here it is 2017. He sister move in with us on 3-4 ocassions but always wanted to have a guys who she just met online come live with us. Mind you now, I have daughter whose a young teen. We get into it. She moves out & finds out these guys are crazy. & have to deal with physical abuse & whatever else. It's just same repeated stuff over & over. I'm trying to see about moving far away from them. I don't enjoy being married anymore cause of this. Somebody help me please!!!!!

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