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Fake Jackie O

Posted on Wed, Nov. 08, 2017 at 10:04 pm

My sister in law is the worst. Besides from not having a personality she also runs around judging everyone and telling their secrets. Literally, I can think of a dozen stories of other people that she wasn’t supposed to tell us and did. She is a crap human being that karma will find.

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Posted on Wed, Nov. 08, 2017 at 05:05 pm

With the holidays coming up I'm looking into cannibis candies. Lord give me strength. My mooch brother in law is married with a kid on the way, is a student at 30, so he buys a new car, and my demented father in law pays him to basically be his buddy. This is after my fil bought them a house, paid and finished the basement for them, & is now remodeling their upstairs bathroom. Awesome holidays coming up.

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Hate the in-laws and dreading Christmas

Posted on Wed, Nov. 08, 2017 at 04:17 pm

This will be our first Christmas as a married couple, last year we spent Christmas with his family. That was the first year I didn't spend it with my family. This year he wants to spend oh, 4hrs with mine on christmas EVE. Go to his grandmother's (she is honestly the only one I love in his family and tbh his family hates her, and she hates them and I know they hate me) and then spend christmas day doing all their silly traditions.

When we first got engaged he said he couldn't wait to spend Christmas just him and me, where did that noble idea go aye?

I'd rather drive off a cliff into lava than spend what is supposed to be a joyful holiday with these...."people".

They are so opinionated especially MIL & SIL.

MIL will bad mouth her other DIL so it makes me wonder what she says about me.

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They're Here.........

Posted on Wed, Nov. 08, 2017 at 03:44 pm

Their return to my state for the Holidays is worse than a scene from Poltergeist. I keep my distance and do not inquire about their plans. Ignorance is bliss in a situation like this. When they are here I keep wishing I had a haunted room to send them to and the Poltergeist would suck them into another dimension and I would NOT rescue them. I would sell the house and leave the next owners to deal with them. It won't happen but we can all dream.....

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MIL thinks she's going to be grandma of the year

Posted on Wed, Nov. 08, 2017 at 12:59 pm

UGH! I cannot stand my controlling over involved pushy MIL. She was great and cool before my husband and I got married and now she's just a fake Botoxed up bitch.
She told me a while back she had an abortion when she was in her 20's because she wasn't ready for kids and then confessed to me she didn't know if she wanted to have my DH when she found out she was pregnant and ended up having him but not really liking him until he was 4 or 5 years old. Who the fuck says that shit!!!!????? Now she wasn't to be grandma of the year and request to have my baby twice a week! Over my dead body. She is all about the status and loves the attention. She lacks any kind of nurturing quality needed to be a good Grandma. Oh god please help me!!!!!!!

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Mother-In-Law Hell

Posted on Wed, Nov. 08, 2017 at 01:24 am

My mother-in-law let me know with no uncertain terms that she did not like me the month before my husband and I married. My husband had a birthday the month before we got married, she had a party for him and the family but did not invite me or include me in on it. She never called to even tell me about the party. When we leave my mothers house, she hugs my husband and ignores me. Of course I know my mother loves me, I don't need a hug every time I leave her house, partly because I am in and out of her home all the time. When we are at my mother in laws home, she will frequently go to hug my husband but since I am standing in front of him I assume she is like my mother and coming to hug me. Nope she makes it painfully obvious that she is not trying to hug me as she dodges my out-stretched arms and goes to her son. Every word out of her evil mouth is used to pry my husband out of my influence. She is constantly playing a tiring game of control. She is incredibly nice at all times even while she is putting me down. She is constantly trying to manage my husband and children. She will never give us time as a family without her or the rest of her offspring present. She is always having drama of some kind with someone. My husbands grandparents made him sign in a contract that his mother was not allowed at the home they rented to him before we were married and now trust me, I KNOW WHY!!! The woman is absolutely nuttier than a fruitcake at Christmas!!! I try to avoid speaking to her at all, just thinking of carrying on a conversation with her makes me cringe. Sometimes I pity her but mostly I just prefer to avoid her. Some people are so unhealthy it is impossible to be in a relationship with them.

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Wow. You were unrecognizable.

Posted on Tue, Nov. 07, 2017 at 11:38 pm

I had no idea that was you I just passed, ex-SIL! You look like you've been locked away on a cold island inhaling twinkies 24/7. Things change, don't they?

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New neighbor

Posted on Tue, Nov. 07, 2017 at 05:03 pm

Prerry soon my sil will be uncomfortably close. My neighbor. I vow that I will not babysit her kid to the point of raising him. Nor do any favors that she be unwilling to do for me. I have to be strong these few weeks she'll be here. It's only a matter of time before she returns to her mommys house. We all know that she can't clean, cook, and raise her kid all by herself much less get up at 4 am to make lunch. Good luck sil!!

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For your Home for the Holidays

Posted on Tue, Nov. 07, 2017 at 01:23 pm

Need to add some stress to your holidays? Are you looking for a way to challenge yourself? Free to good home: one small, narcissistic MIL. Racist, white, bitter republican comes with false teeth, plenty of wrinkles, and an abundance of shitty opinions, prefaced with either “I’m not a racist but....” or “according to Fox News”. She is partially house-trained, only shitting on bathroom rugs or self occasionally. One must keep a close watch though because she will not alert anyone that she has had a fecal incident preferring to let you find that surprise on your own. Enthusiastically nurtures a pack a day cigarette habit. Trash talks everyone in her life except beloved son. Has no relationships with family other than said son. Spent life savings and lost home playing slot machines at the casino. Loves cats but not enough to provide them with fresh air to breathe or a clean littler box. Terrible with money and anything requiring common sense. Loves to ruin holidays and family occasions with juvenile and selfish behavior. Serious inquiries only please. 🤣

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Happy Hollidays

Posted on Tue, Nov. 07, 2017 at 12:27 pm

My wife told me how she texted her mom if they had anything planned for the holidays. My MIL said nothing at all. My wife explained how we might be going out of town with my family. My wife even invited them to be with us for the holidays since they won’t do anything and they’d wanna see their own grandson. (By the way out of town is only 35 minutes away. Inviting them is reasonable and I find fair and understand. Instead my MIL says that her husband probably wouldn’t want to (because he’s arrogant) and also said they wouldn’t want to come because they would have to bring food. Really?? Of course you’d have to bring food. Everyone brings food when invited to something ... she then began to guilt trip my wife by saying “don’t worry about us or me.” Really ... it’s really up to you whether you wanna our uor pride away to see your grandson. Plus .. I wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t see you for the holidays ..

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