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Drunk BIL

Posted on Fri, Mar. 17, 2017 at 02:12 pm

Yes drunk BIL I know what today is. Your sainted/cunt of a mother died today. So what, I tried to get your brother to go to the cemetery, but he wouldn't go. It's not that important to him. Getting the electrical panel repaired was more important to him than visiting her grave. Gee, because he has moved on, unlike you. He just woke up and I waited to tell him you called and of course, I did not answer. You have been off work for a few hours and I am sure you are already getting drunk. He doesn't need that crap from you. I am waiting for you to call back, and guess what, I won't answer. So don't bother to call again, we do not need your nonsense.

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Ignore what you don't like

Posted on Fri, Mar. 17, 2017 at 08:56 am

Would love to come see the kids.

Can I come see them sometime.

Just let me know when.
When ever you work out a time with (my name).

I can come after work.
Ok talk to (my name).

I'm off this weekend just let me know.
I'm not.

Not what?
Letting you know.

I just want you to let me know when I can come?
And I told you to ask their mother.

Oh, well I will talk to her anytime.

That was DH's text conversation with MIL. I'm not even joking. I'm still waiting for her to ask me lol!

She literally just acted like they were working it out together after being told over & over to go through me-the person that actually knows what our schedules include each week.

She'll talk to me anytime? What she meant was, anytime I go to her but I don't look for her to have the guts to come to me. Unfortunately, if you can't talk to the mother of the children you want to see, you don't really need to see them!

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FIL, the WANKER OBGYN ; MIL, the crazy OCD freak!!

Posted on Fri, Mar. 17, 2017 at 03:28 am

FIL ( horny m.d. ) &
MIL (manipulator) , DO NOT PUT YOUR ISSUES ONTO MY MARRIAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F@@K OFF & DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU SHOULD GET YOUR LICENSES REVOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!F@@K THE F@@K OFF AND F@@KING DIE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Husband's Family Wants Me Deported

Posted on Thu, Mar. 16, 2017 at 10:03 pm

My husband's family is really racist and when we announced our engagement his mother said said that "She wasn't sure I would fit in with the family because I'm half black and they're white, and might offend me with their 'humor'." Their idea of humor is apparently using the n word and hating gay people.

Recently, I had to block my MIL's dad on facebook for commenting on my status that he's excited for children to be deported, and he can't wait to see the wall. When I expressed that this was shocking, disrespectful and cruel, he told me to "enjoy my life in Mexico"...meanwhile his racist daughter actually is moving to Mexico to "spread the gospel" because she's too dumb to realize Mexico is a predominantly Catholic country already. I also think she fails to realize that, given that she hates immigrants and Mexico, moving to Mexico is an ironic choice.

I'm pretty sure my mother in law's father doesn't realize that, being that I was born in this country, and that I'm descended from slaves, my family has been here longer than his...but he told me I should be deported. Like...if I was hispanic that would be fucked up, but given that I'm not, nor am I an immigrant, it's really just absurd. I honestly think he wants all non-white people to be deported.

When my husband and I have adorable little mixed race babies with our blue eyes and tan skin and curly hair, they may come crying to me about how they aren't allowed to be in our children's life. Sorry, but I'm not going to have my babies turning their cloth diapers into Klan Hoods. The racist hatred stops here and now.

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OH NO! You're back!

Posted on Thu, Mar. 16, 2017 at 07:52 pm

We had such a lovely 7 1/2 months break from you. Too back you decide to come back. I'm wondering what you're planning to do now since you don't have a car (you had an accident last time and it was a write off) and you're planning to stay about 5 months. I really hope you find something to do, because I don't want to see you every night for 5 months straight and have to take you to the shopping centre or other places. You seem a bit more tired and old this time round.. a bit more behaved. But sorry, my heart still has too much scar from the past few years. It might take another 5 years of your good behavior before I warm up to you again.

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emotional needy MIL

Posted on Thu, Mar. 16, 2017 at 07:37 pm

wow thank you all for sharing..i have only been married for month and half..valentines day!..but known my husband for years...
hes definitely mamas boy too...but i want to block my MIL for calling everyday all hrs even on weekends..calls for the craziest crap ever..worse since we got married...wish i lived in some remote area without a phone..serious this needy bitch calls dozen times a day..if here bird feeder is empty my hubby runs over..thinking about serving divorce papers..at least the sheriff will know where to serve him..at mommas!!!!

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Wait! What?! Has It Finally Sunk In?

Posted on Thu, Mar. 16, 2017 at 08:05 am

So, now you actually get it?

You get that you have no right whatsoever to pry, invade and meddle in our lives and choices? Or maybe you are just catching your breath for another attack?

You do seem to keep trying to cause trouble, you bunch of self seeking twats! Maybe you have given up and I have just become so defensive and cynical because of you retards and your relentless intrusions that I can't quite get my head around the thought of you actually getting the hell out of our lives!!

Maybe your tired, maybe you just don't have the same drive as before? The thought of you gaining some insight and actually feeling sorry for your shitty behaviour doesn't really seem likely.

The whole lot of you need to address your nonsense. The problems you actually DO have can't be ignored forever. You had to stop using us in order to ignore your problems at some point and deal with your actual issues.

Quite frankly I don't give a fuck about any of you. YOU deliberately tried to drive a wedge between us. YOU caused unnecessary problems. YOU lie and exaggerate. YOU have the marriages that truly suck-ALL of you!

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What's in your browsing history?

Posted on Thu, Mar. 16, 2017 at 05:47 am

DH looked over at my computer the other night and remarked that "I Hate My Inlaws!" was third most popular in my browsing history. He said "Really? Still?" Yep, really.

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Give me a break

Posted on Wed, Mar. 15, 2017 at 05:13 pm

The way that I said it . Could it be that your just very sensitive could it . Leave me alone sorry if I can not see any similarities between the two but your looking for something that doesn't exist please go the hell away you jerk . I really hope that karma gets you , gets you really really good

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Hate MILaw

Posted on Wed, Mar. 15, 2017 at 10:31 am

I hate the way u smile.
I hate ur laughter.
U leak fakeness from every pore of your round small body.
You are so tacky.
I hated the red sari you wore at my wedding. It was the worst sari and such off putting red colour. I wanted to get blind. N the red bed cover u gave me..oh that burns my eye everytime i see it..how can u have auch bad taste..no doubt u dont like me..u have a bad taste in everything. I are insecure and so disappointed because i did not gave in to ur dramas. I behaved in a sophisticated and sorted way when u were crying and screaming and abusing..haha..u showed what crass personality i have and seek immense pleasure that it was of no use..u ashamed ur own son lol..by ur behavior u used to take ur side when i used to tell ur double games..he saw himself..n u pittyful petty woman..ur malice and bad intentions can do no harm..bcoz i will smile..keep quiet n maintain my dignity and u will make fool out of urself..because lady i come from a strong background of educated engineers and u come from poor hilly areas where u were deprived of all class and so i can understand ur petty behavior..u are a low class from core ..u can try showin how sophisticated u r..but it is too late..lol

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