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10 sure fire Tips to make your dil hate you

Posted on Fri, Jan. 12, 2018 at 02:40 pm

1. Make belittling comments to your dil and laugh as is it is a joke
2 Make sure dil is always the butt of the joke
3 Remind dil how lucky she is to be married to mil perfect son and do this frequently
4 Be very generous with your other 2 sons who have made poor choices and also to their kids but be extremely stingey to dh and dil who have stayed married
5 Brag often about yourself
6 talk baby talk to your son who is 60 and you are 90
7 shut out dil who has made heroic effort to remain civil and keep the peace by repeatedly saying you are a private person
8 never be kind or complementary to dil or tell her son is lucky to be married to her especially when dil supported him financially when he was unemployed more than once
9. Bring cheap box of cookies as token gift when you come visit for days ...every time
10 be sure to talk over dil and never listen to her

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Will she ever stop

Posted on Fri, Jan. 12, 2018 at 11:42 am

Dear husband,

Your mother is mean and nasty.

The end

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Golden Cousins

Posted on Fri, Jan. 12, 2018 at 08:18 am

My husband and I live a modest lifestyle. We aren’t in debt so I guess we are doing better than most and for that I’m grateful. Yet anything good that happens to us is envied. His other group of cousins live high on the hog, one built a McMansion and drives luxury cars. His wife dresses in tight short dresses that are not age appropriate. They don’t attend family parties unless it’s a wedding with free booze and I know they are invited just as we are. Somehow their shit doesn’t stink. I told my husband it’s because they just live their lives and aren’t worried about family approval. Unlike my husband, funny after we stopped kissing his family’s ass they have nothing more to do with him. Should have done that years ago.

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You have drove me crazy!

Posted on Fri, Jan. 12, 2018 at 07:30 am

Living around my in laws has drove me absolutely crazy! I hate them and all their lies I hate when people ask about them it makes every conversation awkward I have nothing to do with these people and wish they would disappear. There are so many times after conversations I analyze them and think of all the things I shouldn’t have said or dumb things that I did say. Then start to wonder am I the crazy one did they seriously make me literally crazy? I feel like I don’t even know who I am anymore. After dealing with the most unimaginable stuff for so many years I just cannot handle anything anymore. I feel like I have living with such crazy for so long that I don’t know what normal is anymore. I feel like all eyes are watching me talking about me due to my association with the worst possible in laws ever.

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Mom issues

Posted on Fri, Jan. 12, 2018 at 06:31 am

So I have issues with all women apparently & they start with my own mom! All she ever did was spend every dime my poor Dad ever made & she had so many affairs I can’t even count! Then I meet the most amazing man about 15 years ago who is much like my dad! Honestl, kind, thoughtful & loving but he comes with 3 sisters, a mom & stepmom! I don’t hate anyone but honestly I’m not going to bother after what has happened! They love to gossip about everyone & everything! More reasons I don’t get along with women! They r all supposedly very religious! What a joke! Do religious people cheat & gossip! Then my mom tries some Dr. Phil BS on me that when a person cheats it’s both people’s fault! Of course it is says the one who did it! Last I checked that is one of the 10 commandments! Also mil’s & sil’s the Bible says not to judge others! I don’t think I’m better than anyone else or anything but don’t throw the Bible at me because NONE of u r perfect either!

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I am so pi**ed

Posted on Thu, Jan. 11, 2018 at 03:53 pm

Again i started a fight with dh because i hate his family so much that i think these low level fu**ers will out live me. I never ever hated anybody till i met these genetic mistakes. MIL can't even say hello to me.. but hey she does mean well. These cu+t level f:+ck up is a Psychopath.. and going to church doesn't help.. what church, the church of ass suckers and dic" lickers.. i rather leave earth than having anything to do with these idiots. My dh doesn't like me eather anymore and wants me to get a theraphy.. well dearheart, don't you question why everybody in your family needs a therapy.. and now i do, too? Yeah, it's not them, right?

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I'm out but I still hate you

Posted on Thu, Jan. 11, 2018 at 02:02 pm

Hey Dicks,

MIL: You're an awful person and I'm not at all surprised you finagled your way into my house merely weeks after I moved out. I'm even less surprised you took my bedroom. Now you and your son (my future ex-husband) can play house there until you die from your multiple ailments, which will be not long from now, based on the look of you. I used to think that I would dance on your grave. But tbh it seems like it would be an awful lot of work. Sorry, because you really do deserve a grave dance. I was thinking of something sexy from Paula Abdul's "Cold-Hearted Snake" video.

AIL: We saw you did a local TV ad for the republicans and we laughed forever about it. You look like someone from the early 1990s time-traveled with a case of discontinued Avon cosmetics to make you up into a (very fat) eldery drag queen. Not to be mean but it looks like you are still eating your feelings. Here's a tip: CBT- Cognitive Behavior Therapy. You can learn how to stop being a despicable cunt, but you'd have to face some of your demons. Like the fact everything you have you have because it was literally handed to you. You have the power to make a difference in your life and in others' lives. And you can start by never, ever hiring that makeup artist again.

SIL: It's like you fucking don't exist since I moved away from your brother! I mean, it was like you didn't fucking exist for quite some time before that, but that was a hard-won respite & one that always felt uncertain. I remember you existed a few weeks ago when I stopped by the old place and saw, among piles of shit in the front hall (no one there to tidy up anymore), a package from you and your poor husband. "Oh right," I thought, "that bitch." Anyway, you're awful and it's a fucking miracle that you are no longer linked to me in any way. Your whole family is a toxic fucking mess!

GMIL: You paid for his divorce lawyer but you wouldn't bail him out of the financial mess he made that ultimately was the final straw with us. Ok. I see what you did there. Thank you for expediting my freedom, bitch. :)

Cousins and whatever: You are part of the problem as long as you enable their behavior. I get that they are wealthy and they tell you they're important. But how do they actually make you feel? Just kidding I definitely don't give a fuck about you. I haven't since you did nothing, absolutely nothing, to defend me from the main cunts above.

In conclusion,
Tonight I'll be sleeping in the loving arms of my non-personality-disordered bf, whom I love and respect (and whom I'll never marry because life is too short for in-laws!)
Say what you want about me,
It doesn't matter.
*middle finger*

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He chose his sister over me

Posted on Thu, Jan. 11, 2018 at 12:02 am

My DH has a horrible, spoiled sister who informed me when I was pregnant that I "wouldn't know what to do when the baby came, so I and my mom will have to tell you what to do!"

Funny thing, she was 37, never a mom, and living at home with her parents at this time.

DH has been raised to believe this sister walks on water. She is now divorced, childless, and I refuse to see her.

He told me last night that he was sorry I "misinterpreted her advice, she was helping you!".

Enough is enough, I'm planning a divorce and he can plan a marriage to her. I'm not playing second fiddle to this girl.

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Playing the Victims

Posted on Wed, Jan. 10, 2018 at 10:30 pm

My in-laws are so annoying and nosey! I hate the fact that they bought my husband a car and now they’re making him pay the car loan. It was supposed to be a gift. Now they say that they’ll think about letting him have the car on the future and now he’s paying every other month and more than half of the payment is just interests! If they couldn’t afford to take out a car why do it? I would much rather have my husband stop paying that car and get one on his own. If he’s going to be making payments either way. Another thing is how they tell him about their financial problems and expect him to pay for them or something. It pisses me off so much. They shouldn’t have taken the car out if they’re going to be complaining about needing money, needing money for trips, and needing money to eat. How pathetic!

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Sex and MIL phone calls

Posted on Wed, Jan. 10, 2018 at 06:15 pm

So my over controlling and annoying MIL phone calls every single night and talks for hours when we have dinner. DH will always rush to answer her calls no matter where we’re or what we’re doing. Even if we’re bunjee jumping DH would still attend her calls. This has gone so insane that when we have sex and even when we’re in climax he still answers her calls and talks for hours and I’m left with sudden neglect. He loves his mom but wife is his first family now! I’m feeling so low. This is ruining my life every single day in different ways. All her phone calls contain huge demands which is difficult for us to satisfy.


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