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The Silent Treatment

Posted on Wed, Feb. 14, 2018 at 12:46 pm

After being told what the problem was over and over again and their refusal to acknowledge their part in it, I gave up. I stopped answering the phone or text messages and just black holed them. It took some time but all is quiet on the front now. They think they are punishing us and we will "come around" and the dysfunction junction will open again but it's not happening now or ever again in the future. This a perfect example of silence being golden. I don't feel punished by the silence just relief. Thanks for actually hearing me and what I am saying. :)

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So Great Not To Hear From You

Posted on Wed, Feb. 14, 2018 at 12:01 pm

It was a wonderful Valentine's Day without your toxic appearance. I suspect you are over there complaining that H didn't get in touch with you, because everything has to be about YOU. Did you hear the crickets? I hope so, because I am done reminding H to be in touch with you. I've pulled everything back now that your "crisis" is over. No thank you or acknowledgement for our caring during your challenging time. Guess who's keeping score? That's right, THIS GUY. Keep shooting yourself in the foot, and I'll keep cheering you on...well, silently, from waaaaaay over here.

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The Manipulator

Posted on Wed, Feb. 14, 2018 at 10:50 am

Evil. Hateful. Conceited. Home-wrecker. Lazy. Whore.

These are just a few words that make me think of you. But other than being particularly astute at fucking random married men, your biggest talent is manipulation. You wheedle about being poor to get money. Then you get meals and gifts constantly.

Poor pitiful you with no bills to pay! The outpouring of "you can have this, you're a great person" Bs on Facebook is gross. If only they knew how you are behind closed doors.

I'm half convinced you want to have sex with your own son. BIL can do no wrong! He just stole 5000 from your ex, lies, and is a dick. I guess you like him because he's just like you :/ the constant Facebook post pics of him and how you very noticibly never include DH is staggering. You know he is an actual adult that pays his bills and doesn't whine and will see through your shit.

But it's almost awe inspiring how all these people still think you're just a sweet, innocent country lady. She's so poor! She had no chance! She just is a simple woman that wants simple things! How unfair of life to have made her drop out of school, screw a married man, squeeze out two kids, never work a job, screw another man and be forced to get a divorce! Laughable

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Only one?

Posted on Tue, Feb. 13, 2018 at 09:04 pm

My childless SIL has repeatedly told my husband and me that she would look after our son (her nephew) if anything ever happened to us. Which is nice, but honestly he would be better off being raised by wolves. Also we have two children and she has made it clear she only wants one.

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Grow up

Posted on Tue, Feb. 13, 2018 at 08:34 pm

Dear BIL,
Your in your late twentys and don't have a job. The short period when you did have a job you always called out, and that was years ago. All you do is mooch off everyone and get uncontrollably angry and they don't give you something. NEWS FLASH: no one owes you anything. Get a job, get your license and get your life together because the next step is you living on the streets. You always took advantage of your younger brother (my hubby) he worked 80 hours a week to keep a roof over both your heads from the time he 18. And your older then him!!
One of the worst times of my life when you lived here with us. Every time we would say I love you or kiss or even act like a couple you would sigh or mumble something under your breath. All you did was play video games and go to the bar,where you could use your mom to drink for free, and spend hours in the bathroom.
When I was pregnant you made such nasty comments behind my back saying "she's acting like she's so pregnant". I was pregnant.... just cause I wasn't showing yet doesn't mean I wasn't. You would spend more then an hour in the bathroom and would complain if i knocked on the door to pee or throw up. When we were all watching tv you made racist and comments that would drive me crazy because you are so ignorant.
You don't like me because I "took your brother away from you". No, your mad because you finally had to grow up. Which you didn't. You still don't have a job or permit or license, your almost 30 it's time to start being an adult! You are going to go from couch to couch until there isn't anyone left to help you.
You always said how dirty me and your brother were but it's funny how our home is always clean since you moved out. And that the people your living with are about to kick you out because You never clean up after yourself or pay rent but bring up all the bills. You don't need to take three hour long showers a day when your sitting home playing video games all day.
Now your mad about how we have to get rid of your cat. You have never paid or cleaned up after the cat. We have a small child of our own and don't have the time or money to take care the cat the way she deserves.
I have a million more stories that I would love to just tell you and maybe you could hear how pathetic you are. But you would start a war in the family. Your selfish and don't care how it effects your brother but he's my husband and had been through so much because of you already that I always have to keep my mouth shut.
Grow up or don't come

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Selfish selfish selfish

Posted on Tue, Feb. 13, 2018 at 07:51 pm

You never liked me and judged me from the start. You just didn't want your coddled life to change.

My husband always took care of his OLDER brother from the time he was an adult. He worked 80 hour weeks to pay the bills and rent to pay for my BIL who was too lazy to get a job or license and just stayed home all day and played video games. When I got pregnant the first thing my MIL said was that she couldn't take her adult son in and my husband would have to keep taking care of him. All he did was play video games from the time he woke up, around 2 in the afternoon, until he went to the bar where my MIL worked and would drink for free then come home drunk at 4 in the morning and start yelling and throwing things. He always complained and my husband and I kissed or told each other we loved each other. They didn't like me because they knew eventually things would have to change and he would have to get a job and actually be an adult. He is now living with a friend still jobless and no license. He complains about everything all the time but if you say anything he starts a war. We've been taking care of his cat which he had never paid for and now that we have to give her up he's saying we're selfish because we can't afford her now that we have a baby. He has no
Empathy for other people and can onlly see things for how they effect him. He's ignorant and selfish

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The universe believes in me

Posted on Tue, Feb. 13, 2018 at 10:20 am

I wonder if you even know what you did. You probably are waiting for us to make the first attempt at reconciliation. Trust me, there won't be one. The first time could have been a mistake, the subsequent ones are a behavioral choice. I have forgiven you for past behaviors however that doesn't give you a pass to continue with future behaviors. Until you stop with your financial favoritism and ridiculous behaviors we will continue to choose to be happy without you in our lives. I used to get mad but now I get distant.

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Evil Woman

Posted on Tue, Feb. 13, 2018 at 09:39 am

The only reason my MIL calls me so much, is because the evil things in her need a place to feed.

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Leave me alone!!!!

Posted on Tue, Feb. 13, 2018 at 07:08 am

Sorry that your son wants to move out but do not take it out on me because I’m so sick and tired of your shit . You really turned into a nasty person I think your daughter in law is giving you lessons on how to be a bitch !!!!!! Leave me alone please oh and why is it that your husband and mother said the same thing but I can not say anything why is that it you don’t believe them you jerk !!!!!!!

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Just, no.

Posted on Tue, Feb. 13, 2018 at 06:59 am

No more mind games.

No more sad pleas for forgiveness when I’ve done nothing wrong.

No more scapegoating me because you can’t kick your addiction.

No more throwing shade at me or my family.

No more tears, sorrow or giving a shit about people who hate me.

No more standing up for you even when you’re not around only to have you tear me down behind my back.

Ah, the joys of NC.

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