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Found Out!

Posted on Tue, Mar. 20, 2018 at 01:08 pm

I found out why my MIL hates me so much, per DH and other family members.
MIL hates me because my DH would spend money on her to make her happy. It was never enough for her. Out of her sons, she only loved my DH for the career he has. That is until I came in the picture.
Once she told DH to dump me and date a white girl, because they are more easier to deal with, and have kids with. She said to other family members she hates me for taking her son away and her money, and calls ME a gold digger in the process! She got other family members to side with her and tried to break DH and I up.
DH and I have a child and she refuses to acknowledge her! Because of this, DH cut MIL out of his life and told me the truth of how his mother felt about me. I’m grateful for him and the few family members who said MIL is a drunk whore who is jealous of everyone, especially me!

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Posted on Tue, Mar. 20, 2018 at 05:28 am

When mil shares a post on Facebook about being a good parent and how she gave things up and made sacrifices for her children hahahahaha ofcourse sweetheart you carry on living in your delusional little world. You're the most pathetic selfish excuse of a mother I have ever known.

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You Are Disturbed.

Posted on Mon, Mar. 19, 2018 at 07:33 pm

You should have divorced decades ago. You are both bitter OAPs who pass your empty lives meddling in other people's business. You are fiercely jealous of me, aren't you mil. Your favourite boy is with a woman he wants-you said he put me on a pedestal-what you of course meant, he wasn't putting YOU on a pedestal! How DARE he!

Your miserable slob of a husband is on his last legs, and what an ugly oaf he is too! He gets fatter, uglier and nastier as the years tick by. And your spiteful nature and attention seeking has partly lead to his drinking and wretched behaviour. That's YOUR karma!

We will continue to be a couple despite your weak efforts to part us. The cracks were already obvious when I first met you. You two aren't happy, as individuals or as a so called couple. Entirely your fault of course.

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MIL won't cut the umbilical cord

Posted on Mon, Mar. 19, 2018 at 06:59 pm

MIL calls herself "mommy" to my 2 year old son and begs my hubby to let him spend the night every single weekend. She set up her entire house to look like a kid lives there 24/7, tried signing him up for t ball and swim lessons without me being involved. She's always been very attached to my husband and just randomly shows up at our doorstep to hang out ever since we've been together. I used to brush it off as needy cuz he is her only one but after a year of dating she started telling him that he could do better and inviting young, pretty co workers over when we were over also. That was before we had our kiddo and now She begs us to move in with her and tells us that one day all of her shit will be ours if we just stay with her and take care of it. Ugh, she just can't accept that her baby boy is 30 and has his own family. Why can't she just come over for dinner on the holidays like a normal person? It's just creepy and desperate now

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Posted on Mon, Mar. 19, 2018 at 09:04 am

So my mil has always been a pain she dident like me till she found out I have to take pain meds the day she found out she “opened up” to be about how much pain she was in she even pushed out some tears then asked if she ever needed them if I could
Help her I told her no bec then I wouldn’t have what I need when I needed them so she went back to hating but still did not stop
Her from only calling to see if I’d say yes. She lives very close and has only seen are 6 month old 3 times and our almost 2 year old a few times but that’s bec we had to go take them
To see her witch I won’t do anymore. But now my sil is doing the same thing only comes to ask and when I say no they act like I’m heartless. Like they say “ you must not really know pain bec if you did you know how others feel and have a heart” or “ you don’t take them everyday so you should have more then enough” like who are they to tell me. My hubby hates them both he wants nothing to do with his mom and has told her many times not to call and she thinks I tell him to hate her and he always wanted a relationship with his sister so when it turned out she was looking for one thing it hurt him. And my kids are amazing my family loves them but his family could careless.

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Satisfying Results

Posted on Mon, Mar. 19, 2018 at 07:59 am

I am newly divorced (ticker tape parade worthy event) from H and his entire wild kingdom family.

Ex-PIL and ex-H were arrested, for assault, after they accosted me outside the courthouse. XMIL, who is undergoing cancer treatments, and FIL are under house arrest and can only leave their hoarder house for doctor appointments and ex-MIL's cancer treatments. FIL got a pass because XMIL doesn't drive and he is her primary caregiver and driver. Ex-H is still in jail. That's what happens when you repeatedly ignore restraining orders. They are finally learning they are not God's gift to mankind.

Nutty ex-SIL contacted me a few days ago, don't know how she got my phone number, asked me to return my wedding rings to the family. She is a low wattage bulb in a drawer of flood lights, so I actually felt bad for her being used by the Clan. I calmly told her XH's ex-mistress has them, which is true.

I'm free, but the slut's hell is just beginning.

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Jokes on you btch! HA!

Posted on Sun, Mar. 18, 2018 at 11:36 pm

So my boyfriend works till late and I understand he needs to sleep but as a couple we also need to see each other ... So the nosey MIL told him to tell me to go get a night job too that way he can sleep more and doesn't have to come and see me that often (seriously b-tch???) ...... Long story short, we decided that what works best for us as a couple is that he moves in with me!!!!. Not only that but he also said he'd like to marry me and have a family with me ....... Sorry MIL, you tried to cause problems by telling him not to see me that much and it backfired on you and now he is ALL MINE!!! HA!!!!

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Oh no not yall again

Posted on Sun, Mar. 18, 2018 at 08:59 am

So sister in laws come over remind you theres so many of them and my inlaws dont tell them how to behave so they run around my house go use my bathroom and steal stuff also they eat all my food damage my sons toys and dirty my whole house i literally hate them my husband doesnt want to hear about what i think of them they are starting to make me feel like i cant do this i cant keep faking that i like them i truley hate them im the sweetest person but they all just run me over and i biggest deal is the stealing like i seen you grab my charm braclet and run out my bedroom so i ask for it back and they play dumb i cant they make me feel this rage i turn on my husband because its his family like i know its not his fault but my family doesnt come around why does your have to they put me in a bad mood so over this !!!!

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Chihuahuas! 👹😈👺

Posted on Sat, Mar. 17, 2018 at 09:10 am

Annoying, nosy, overbearing, jealous bitches sil's & mil's are!
Like chihuahuas!

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Stupid, ignorant and I can’t describe her more M

Posted on Fri, Mar. 16, 2018 at 01:16 pm

Yesterday I delivered my baby in the evening. MIL had my two and half years old with her. She came to the hospital with all her stupid hateful family with my lovely boy who was still wearing the same dipper for almost 10 hours in which he pooped and she didn’t change. This is first the disgusting family brought with them sunflower seeds with the shells to snack while waiting to see my little princess. They absolutely didn’t wash their hands and started carrying her and move her from hand to hand and then tell strangers to a take a look at her.
My son got so fussy because he wanted his dipper to be changed and the stupid MIL didn’t bring his dipper bag.
That was yesterday. Today the idiot MIL called while I m still in the hospital not in the best conditions and I don’t know when they will dismiss us and my husband was checking on our son to tell me that she would cook tomorrow and invite all the family over to my house.
Can you imagine a woman more disgusting, stupid and ignorant more than that. I m still in the hospital with my baby and we are still having some blood work and other tests done and the f...ing idiot thinking of inviting everyone to my house to eat. I hang up. Called my husband and blamed for her stupid selfish request and he claimed that she didn’t tell him the whole truth. She just said she would something for me. I hand up with him and called her saying I didn’t want her to cook and invite people to my house I m tired and I need to rest

What a f....ing stupid woman
Every time I say to myself: forget about this family and enjoy your life they come up with something to hate them more
I hate all of you and I wish if you disappear from my family life completely

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