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She is an excellent actress!

Posted on Tue, Jul. 29, 2014 at 03:18 am

MIl:A excellent actress.Boy, I can read her like a book. Her constant "acting" is making me sick.Pretending to be an open person to other culture but deep down suffering from a chronic xenophobie.excellent abilty in smearing campaign about anybody that didn´t give her full attention...I mean FULL attention and lick her and butter her up.Disgusting selfish and narcisstic character.I snub her after 20 years of my suffering under her... now she is doing a smearing campaign against me. Good so, I don´t have to have her for Christmas.Boy she blew up last Christmas eve,drunk and started to attacked my hsband ,myself and my family.And next morning pretended everything is okay at breakfast table...stupid witch...every conscious moment I pray to God that she will get a taste of her own medicine and to give me strength to go through all this craziness.I am all alone to face MIL and her arrogant daughters.

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ESIL, you backstabbing witch!

Posted on Tue, Jul. 29, 2014 at 01:12 am

That's it. Got it off my chest. :) I

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fake bitches

Posted on Mon, Jul. 28, 2014 at 08:20 pm

my MIL and SIL are quite the pair. they act like they are sooo perfect and only they can be in their own "secret club". my SIL is the fakest, most annoying bitch ever. she was a total weirdo before but after she had her daughter it was just full on psycho mode. she is always bragging about her perfect life and how she breast feeds her daughter and how she handmakes her baby foods and she will only use cloth diapers...blah blah blah. NO ONE CARES. and to take it a step further NO ONE wants to hear about how you use cloth menstrual pads. yeah ok we get it, you are so cool and hip and ABOVE THE REST OF SOCIETY....not. she has a stick up her ass and talks a lot of shit to everyone in a passive aggressive way. she can dish it but she cant take it without crying. she always tries to tell me what a better mother she is then me but I wasn't the one who had a nervous breakdown at a Mcdonalds because "my child is just so bad". nope that's just you, I guess from being such a great mom. my MIL is so fake around my SIL it makes me sick. she kisses her ass to the point that I want to puke. and all for what? not because she actually likes her, no! but because of money. her husband, my husbands douche bag brother gives my MIL money whenever she wants it. my MIL talks all kinds of shit about my SIL to me and then smiles to her face. she even uses a fake "nice voice" around her. it makes me want to kick both of their asses. my MIL only cares about herself and money. THATS IT. she tries to act like family is so important to her but she has proved time and again it isn't. we have to pay her the babysit our son but she basically begs to babysit my SIL's child. I think its disgusting how she plays favorites with these poor kids. she is also a barhopping slut and tries to borrow my clothes. umm no, not even if you lost 50lbs bitch. she needs to act her age and get her own shit together. every problem we have had in the family or in our relationship has been because of her starting problems. she is one of those people who is in love with their sons. I think it is disturbing and I am scared of her honestly. I have distanced myself from them all because if I had to sit through another outing with these bitches I might seriously hurt them.

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Rotting Hero ILs

Posted on Mon, Jul. 28, 2014 at 08:08 pm

So, I guess it's okay to circle the wagons on DH, after he's fucked up again, gotten drunk, done something horribly stupid, and I finally gave him the boot---and I am standing my ground. So, suddenly you're like hungry wolves, licking your chops---you cannot wait to revel in his pain. What a sad bunch of soul eating creatures YOU ALL are.

Take your decaying souls and move along. Hell is calling you back for dinner.

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Posted on Mon, Jul. 28, 2014 at 07:27 pm

Dearest in-laws,

Please stop manipulating my stepdaughter. She's hitting kindergarten, and you have turned her into a sociopath in training. You think this is funny because it causing strife in our home, but you are only hurting her in the long run. I refuse to let you destroy her. She deserves better than you!!!!!!

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The Cold War has begun

Posted on Mon, Jul. 28, 2014 at 07:06 pm

FIL & significunt other,

You live 8 mins away & couldn't be bothered to attend your only son's 40th birthday bbq?!
YOUR whole family was here; all 4 of YOUR children, their spouses & all 10 of YOUR grandchildren & great-grandchild.
But despite being all about "Family & love" at Christmas - which you INSIST on hosting at your house, because you are a transparent control-freak asshat who wants everyone to know it's your way or NO way, I knew you wouldn't make the effort. You let everyone think you might grace us with your presence, but I knew you & your freak of a companion would be no-shows.

Here's a heads-up:
Your son, the father of MY children & your grandchildren will definately NOT be attending your shitty smoke-filled awkward "Family!" Christmas.
The 5 of us will relax & enjoy some new family traditions in our new home (which we bought when relocating back to your hometown to ironically be closer to you) 8 minutes down the road & be glad we won't have headaches & respiratory issues & hangovers from your pompous BS assaulting all our senses.

I never really liked you, but I made the effort out of respect for mu partner. However, given that you never make that effort for your own son, I have NO respect for you & feel comfortable letting it be known.

If your crazy voodoo remote-viewing astral projection reiki master energy healing homeopathic aura reading hebalist chain-smoking quack of a girlfriend asks, I might tell her we couldn't possibly come because our cats are used to their routine & have to be fed at a certain time .... : )

I am shutting you losers out. Your loss.

I am a Master of Cold Warfare.

-Your DIL
the very strong and very silent type

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Shut Up Already!

Posted on Mon, Jul. 28, 2014 at 03:59 pm

SIL, if you open your mouth one more time about me or my family i will rip out every piece of your poorly bleached hair, and knock out every fake veneer in your mouth!!! I don't care if you're pregnant- you shouldn't be dying your hair and drinking while your pregnant anyway you dumb bitch!

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Blind MIL

Posted on Mon, Jul. 28, 2014 at 03:52 pm

Your daughter may be a "good" daughter, but she's an awful sister, cousin, and all-around human being. While she may pay you back right away- she stiffs everyone else. She spends everyone else's money and feels entitled. And even though you say she doesn't complain, I've heard her whining to you about how everyone doesn't work as hard as she does, and no one understNds how hard her life is. (Even though DH-her brother- has been work hard to not only provide for our family but hers as well) and you have the nerve to say my DH is being selfish because he doesn't want to deal with her bs anymore?

MIL GET A FREAKING CLUE! Your daughter is a POS!!!!!!

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Narcissistic FIL Makes Wedding All about Himself

Posted on Mon, Jul. 28, 2014 at 01:28 pm

(1) He felt that our wedding day was a good time to make one last stand about the fact that he thinks I’m an outsider.

(2) After months of fruitless searching for an appropriately-sized wedding suit, my husband asked his father to get him a made-to-measure suit on his trip to Thailand. His father added an inch to every measurement, then said he would keep the suit when (surprise) it didn’t fit my husband.

(3) My husband chose to wear grey, and very specifically asked his father not to… but guess what color his father showed up in? (Note: Up until the week of the wedding, before my husband told him what he was wearing, he said he was wearing brown.) What is wrong with you that you can’t let your son stand out even on his own wedding day?

(4) Despite the officiant asking everyone to silence their cellphones, guess whose rang during the ceremony?

(5) We had the wedding as a courtesy to my parents-in-law (everyone else was cool with eloping). Yet, my father-in-law passive-aggressively avoided helping, even things that were obviously and exclusively his job, like giving me his guest list and seating chart.

(6) We made it clear that if he wanted to invite people, he would need to be a gracious host. Yet, he threw a hissy fit about the seating chart (“This is my choice!”) because he wanted to sit with so-and-so, even though that left his personal friend unattended among a bunch of people he didn’t know.

(7) He refused to help set up or clean up on the wedding day because, in my husband’s words, “he feels it is beneath him.” (Note: We had the kind of wedding where everyone else DID help out tremendously, including my mom, who was doing chemo.) He told me, “You have to hire somebody,” but didn’t offer to help look. Wait, are we not hiring somebody to also clean up after YOU? So why shouldn’t you help?

(8) The only thing he promised to handle was the caterer and baker when they arrived… He didn’t, in spite of major problems that the best man had to handle. Instead, he was busy demanding that we let the photographer take pictures of him and his guests. I say “his” guests because the groom’s side had 19 family and family friends, and only 1 personal friend of my husband (the best man).

(9) He scared off 1 of my husband’s other friends from even attending because of a power struggle over where this friend should stay (hotel vs. father’s house, which my husband was not comfortable with due to his father’s lack of respect for his privacy).

(10) Regarding photos… Not your wedding, not your vendors, not your money — so back off. Second, the photographer has a right to eat, too. Third, how does it make sense to have no pictures with the best man, my sister / maid of honor, or my parents – all of whom were busy helping – but to take pictures of you? What makes YOU so special? Fourth, why do you think that I should do all the work of interviewing and selecting a photographer and pay for pictures that you try to cut me out of?

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New golden has been born

Posted on Mon, Jul. 28, 2014 at 10:32 am

Mil can focus on the baby instead of dh.

She jealous and hateful to the offspring and I because she wants her little boy back.

Yesterday was her birthday. The offspring and I didn't buy, or make her a card, or buy or make a gift. We didn't call her or see her.

Did she see dh? Yes, she mowed her grass but he came straight home.

I told dh that when she needs help not to ask me. I won't take her to the doctor, to do errands, or anything including help her with medical issues if it was ever needed. If she drops dead, or falls down sick and I drive by I will keep going! However, I will turn up the music and dance!

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