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When Hell Freezes Over

Posted on Sun, Mar. 01, 2015 at 05:39 am

I went food shopping early this morning at a well-known, horrible giant American store which seems to have as a requirement for working at the till that the employee be brain-dead. There was only one till open for shoppers with more than 10 items and its operator was clearly untrained and out of his depth. There were 4 people with full trolleys, I was #5 with frozen items. In despair, I went to one of the 2 empty express tills and asked the young man if he would let me go through there instead. He did. After he'd finished, I thanked him for allowing me to go through and told him 'If I'd had to use aisle 13 I would have had to tell that guy off - he's slower than my mother in law to give a compliment'. The woman who by then was behind me fell over laughing. I guess she has one of them too.

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Get fucked 5

Posted on Sun, Mar. 01, 2015 at 12:37 am

Remember all those times you made sure I couldn't sit next to my husband at family events like Christmas, birthdays etc? Remember when you said it was my fault because I decided to "surround myself with children" and I asked you which ones you would prefer hadn't been born - to which you'd laughed?

Guess what, fuckwads? Your granddaughter is getting married. And guess who isn't invited to the wedding?

I guess I'll get to sit with my husband and all of the children I have surrounded myself with.

I'm going to make sure that you know all about the wedding plans by ensuring that some strategic social media posts make their way to you. This is going to be fun!

Get fucked.

Ps. Oh, just thought I would let you know that your son and I discussed separating because I really don't want to have anything to do with you again. And... well I think I might just stick around until you die, just to mind fuck you a little longer.

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It's called KARMA, MIL!!!

Posted on Sat, Feb. 28, 2015 at 08:45 pm

For years I've put up with your nasty comments about me, MIL. For years I have heard all of the lies and gossip you've told the other ILs about me - like the time you accused me of being a thief to my DH and your side of the family because money was missing from your purse after a family dinner. You never did apologize to me after it was discovered that it was your Golden GS who had taken the money. And, to this day, you still insinuate that I was somehow involved in the theft.

But, now, beautiful karma has come full circle. The other day your daughter (my SIL) called you and was bawling her eyes out because HER MIL is making up lies about her and is trying to get her DH to leave her. My DH and I happened to be visiting you when this call came in, and after you hung up you relayed to us what the call was about. You seemed so puzzled as to why SIL's MIL would be so mean to SIL and make up lies about SIL when SIL hadn't done anything wrong to her MIL. Without blinking an eye, I shrugged and said, "So what? You've been doing that to me for years." MIL gasped, then looked to my DH as if I had slapped her across the face. My DH's priceless response was, "Well, it's true." You didn't even try to deny it. All you said was, "Well, I'm sorry you both feel that way." We don't just "feel that way" about it, MIL. It's the truth!

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Look in the Mirror.

Posted on Sat, Feb. 28, 2015 at 05:32 pm


Stop complaining to your son about all of the things I "don't show up to". It's time to calculate how many of your family members you've run off, how many of your husbands friends you've run off, and even how many of your own children you've run off.

Once you are done counting and you need a reason, I encourage you to walk up to the bathroom and approach the object that sits above the sink. See, that is a mirror, and in it is the very reason why no one wants to go to family gatherings and in it is the reason why my DH would rather have his fingernails pried off than come visit you.

You are a piss poor excuse for a human being, if you think I'm going to come around so you can complain about the fact that I'm breathing you have another thing coming.

I've lost enough to you, DH sees what a miserable and selfish person you actually are so thankfully won't be buying any tickets to your guilt trips any time soon.

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Pay attention to the Red Flags

Posted on Sat, Feb. 28, 2015 at 01:00 pm

I saw some red flags with my dh when we were dating. He was extra nice to his mother. I thought well that's nice. I noticed the future mil was a little rude and passive aggressive with me. It wasn't too bad so I ignored it.

Fast forward 29 years. My mil is the most game playing, hateful, passive aggressive person I have ever met. She has her son snowed. He will defend her nasty, hateful behavior toward me. The sick game is that she is hateful to me when he leaves the room and sickening sweet in front of him. When I tell him what she did or said, he says, My mother would Never say that.

As she gets older he behavior gets worse. Moral of the story....if you see red flags before you marry. RUN. RUN as fast as you can in the OPPOSITE direction.

A mamma's boy will never change the thing that raised him trained him well.

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Telephone Hero

Posted on Sat, Feb. 28, 2015 at 12:48 pm

On at least 6 different occasions I have heard stories of you calling people and threatening them.

You called the man who was to testify in the drug case against your DSister's DH, and threatened him. Why did you do that? Because little sis cried to you about this horrible villain and you had to defend her and her DH. Well, stupid, did it ever occur to you that your Dsister was using you and making you look like an ass? The joke was on her when instead of probation, her DH had to serve time because of a witness intimidation charge. She blamed that on you.

The last straw: DH and your sister (DH doesn't claim her) got into an argument about money. He told her he was going to stop giving her any. She had a hissy fit and called you. You called us and threatened TO KILL both of us. That threat got both you and your sister cut off and we have spoken to neither of you in years. Thank you, by the way!

The irony is that the only time *in person* you ever had the guts to stand up to DH, you were drunk on cheap rum and wanted DH to go out with you and beat up a teenage boy who'd broken teen Dsisiter's heart. When DH refused and said to let it go, you called him a shitty coward. DH punched you right in the face. You fell back onto the floor, threw up all over yourself and cried.

As we walked out of MIL's house, DH apologized to her that she would have to clean you up like the baby you still were, living in your mommy's house at age 25 threatening to beat up teenagers for your sister.

It's easy to be a big hero...on the phone.

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Dear MIL w/ head in behind

Posted on Sat, Feb. 28, 2015 at 11:20 am

Making childish jabs relating to the supposed physical appearance of your DIL simply shows how immature, petty, insecure, mean, pathetic, and vacuous you truly are.

The way your son has chosen to live his adult life (you do know what the definition of an "adult" is, I hope?) is a direct reflection on how YOU raised him. Stop trying to deflect the blame onto someone else for any regrets that you apparently have about your own parenting.

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Time Won't Make What You Did Okay

Posted on Sat, Feb. 28, 2015 at 10:09 am

MIL, it's called accountability. I know it's hard for you and your two oldest, fat spawn to understand that considering you're so busy looking down your noses at others (even though you have NO RIGHT to judge anyone....even a mass murderer has more scruples than you). But none of you have recognized what you've done. None of you are even admitting to being wrong. I saw where you texted DH trying to get him to call his idiot brother during a trying time. DH didn't and won't have something to do with him until he man's up and apologizes whole heartedly. Playing the martyr isn't going to undo what you've done. Even if it's worked for you in the past, it won't worth me. I have way too good of a memory. How does it feel knowing your family will never all be in the same room again and you only have yourself to blame. After all, you did raise the fat kids and taught them to judge others who are not below you people in any way. You're all illiterate, none of you even have control of your own health, you're not funny or witty, you're not kind or generous. Why do you think you can judge others? Enjoy your broken family.
Signed the DIL who finally put you in your place.

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The Abuser and the Enabler

Posted on Sat, Feb. 28, 2015 at 08:58 am

FIL gave his son, my husband, medicine meant for their dog when DH was an 8 month old infant - he nearly died. They lived overseas at the time and he thought he would get away with it. MIL knew what was happening but did NOTHING! DH had a Nanny, who would not let FIL near his own son.
He has also tampered with DH's car when he was 18, nearly killing both of us and a friend.
Needless to say DH's mental health is shot, as is mine. FIL and MIL wake up happy everyday - there is no natural justice. I want to purge them from my mind and remove their filthy, self satisfied, psychotic, narcissistic bodies from the face of the earth. We deserve a small degree of mercy.

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Not the breast vacation I've had

Posted on Sat, Feb. 28, 2015 at 08:31 am

A holiday to the beach. Of course MIL is there. My darling 6 month old and the rest of my hubbys family are there also(uncles and aunties and cousins)

Time for me to have a shower. MIL says to me- ill hold your daughter whilst you have a shower. (Im thinking in my head fuck my life please someone take bub off her while im showering)

So i end up having a really quick one as the thought of that grudge haired witch holding my child gives me the heeby jeebiez.

Run up the stairs of the holiday house and what do i see...

Picture this... A long black haired short italian cunt holding MY sleeping daughter so close to her tit, you'd think she was breat feeding her. You think Im kidding?

Lady the only thing coming out of those tits is powder.

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