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Drop that b****!

Posted on Thu, Nov. 16, 2017 at 07:14 pm

Drop & Block that b****! Stay out of lives psychopath. Our lives are so much better without you, dear SIL!

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I hate my inlaws

Posted on Thu, Nov. 16, 2017 at 08:29 am

My inlaws are pure evil & i hate them with a passion! My sil is a nasty manipulative bitch who has treated me like an outsider from day 1! Yet I’ve always bent over backwards to please them & in some twisted way craved for their acceptance of me. 18 years later I finally give up! My mil also emotionally manipulates my husband & now so do my sil’s. He can see no wrong in them & how they treat me. They are nasty & jealous of absolutely everything i do! I practically raised my three kids on my own as my husband never helped & believes its my job! I study full time as well as run my husbands business & do 100% around the house from all the chores to mowing the lawns! My husband does absolutely nothing! Yet they hate me even though i do it all while my husband acts like the king! He allows his family to disrespect me time & time again. No matter how much I express to him the hurt they cause me he still sides with them & sits back & watches the unfair treatment i get. I resent my husband so much for this & I’m thinking maybe I should end my marriage to him as im so unhappy! My inlaws are the interfering pigs & i feel like packing up and leaving!

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Most stressful family experience ever

Posted on Wed, Nov. 15, 2017 at 06:16 pm

My in-laws are a huge mess. Despite that and their ugly behavior, I have been kind, loving, and supportive. I have the best husband and I will always love him. I have went beyond expectations to be liked and accepted by inlaws. I referred my SIL for a job in my industry and she got it thanks to my referral. My DH and I let her sleepover, he had to sleep in the couch. It made me very uncomfy but I stood quiet. She is straight up a two-faced. She can text me ugly things but never has the courage to say it to my face. Around me she acts "loving." She would still ask my husband and I for money or favors. When we had family events, she would belittled him and his father, my FIL. It really upset me but didn't call her up on it. My fault and I did apologize for that. Honestly, I got really tired of it all. So I blocked her, despite the fact that she had previously been in a mental institution, for a few days and she self harm. I had handled the first incident by being loving and understanding. The second time around I wasn't having it. She clearly has issues she needs to address. I found out she would say bad things behind my back, which is really no surprise coming from her. It really sucks because I have no mother in law she left years ago. I do sometimes wonder and fantasize about whether we would have a loving and united family with her presence. God knows why she left! So really, there are in laws I never even met. One is in jail, the other is somewhat of an alchie, one is suicidal, and the rest I simply just don't care anymore. I have decided, for the holidays (which my SIL fucked up last year, she had issues with her brother in law on thanksgiving night) to not go. My husband and I will be starting our own traditions and save each other a headache. I have a loving husband that will always be on my team & trust me, we need no one else.

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Where I was told to go.

Posted on Wed, Nov. 15, 2017 at 05:10 pm

My husband is a Marine Corps Veteran and left his home state when he was only 17. We met while he was active duty. We had been Married ten years by the time I was pregnant with our first child...That is also when my husband's grandfather had to be placed in a nursing home on the other side of the U.S.

In order for Grandpa to stay at home instead of living in a nursing home, my husband moved us across the United States to be there, to help. My husband is awesome, so of course I love him and I dropped out of college to be there for him, I enrolled in the local university across the country and sort of settled in.

Twice a week my husband would leave work and go to grandpa's and help him..bathe, toilet...whatever THEY needed...Grandma HATED me. If I talked about anything I was studying she would sulk...My associates degree arrived in the mail from my former college...We left before the graduation ceremony so the degree came in the mail. Grandpa congratulated me and I was kind of happy...I had worked so hard and had to overcome some extreme states of poverty to even achieve this. She was PISSED!. as I knew she would be. She could not even bring herself to congratulate me. FINE.

One day she calls our house SCREETCHING! to HURRY UP AND come over before, her youngest daughter did something "terrible". From her tone and hysterics I thought that the terrible thing she was trying to avoid was a suicide attempt...she demands to speak to my husband and before I know it, they finish talking and my husband goes FLYING out, throws his jacket on and flies to grandmas...

After sometime I call to find out what the heck is going on and if everything is going to be okay...A happy laughing grandma answers,"Oh everything is fine"

It turns out that her youngest was attempting to use her truck to pull and old shrubbery from grandmas yard. This chore was promised by her son in law whom said he would do it, had not done it. AND GRANDMA NEEDED IT DONE NOW. she was tired of waiting!!!!!

My husband has injuries from his military service and chopping out roots from grandmas front yard left my husband in a wheelchair for months...my husband destroyed his back for her landscaping...I was caring for our infant, pregnant with our second child, attending the university full time and now I was caring for my husband in a place I had never lived, I had NO friends...

Since my husband was bed ridden I took our son over to grandma and grandpas for a visit....

This is where it gets CRAZY....They say hello and ask how I am, I tell them I am a little worried...I don't get an opportunity to tell them WHY I am a "little worried" instead I get a barrage of how "ridiculous" I am...I remained quite calm and defended myself in the most logical down to earth way, Though I was being called "ridiculous"...I tried to say this; you know most of my friends with more than one child have been "a little worried" for the challenges that lay ahead so, I think calling me ridiculous over and over is unproductive, as my cause for worry is because their grandson has been in and out of the hospital for months now and does not seem to be getting better....all I got out was; you know most of my friends...then she screams "why don't you ask your friends why they did not raise their children right?" I got up gathered my confused little toddler and told her that she will NEVER have anything to do with our children...She said "good"

She later told me on the phone that they NEVER needed our help and if they do need help they just "pay someone" REALLY?????!!!!, why did you not hire someone to pull out those shrubs? because if you had then my husband would not be in a wheelchair and I would not have been "a little worried"...To this very day she has NO idea as to why I was "a little worried"

We gave up so much to help them, it was a HUGE sacrifice, and in the end it got us excommunicated from our family NO one speaks to us after I wrote her a letter asking her how she KNOWS that my friends did not raise their children right, and asking her since her son stole pain killers from her she might not be in the best positon to question ANYONES parenting. She does not even know ANY of my friends or ANY of their children...That made everyone so mad they wont acknowledge us...THe worst part is they refuse to speak to my husband, he has a twin sister whom has kept her vow of silence for more than ten years now. She had gotten married when we lived there and the marriage lasted six months...She can keep a vow of silence longer than she can keep a vow of marriage.

I am certain that my husband misses them, he says he does not. He stood by me and tells me all the time that WE are a family, and that he loves me, I do love him and our children more deeply than I have ever loved anyone...even so we are lonely, a lot...My mother is a jack ass too, so my children don't have ANY grandparents or great grandparents. Grandpa passed the year we left. Grandma is a nursing home. I did not get to finish college, because I had to take care of my husband...I had good grades when I dropped out, a big student loan debt and if I want that bachelor's degree, I would have to start over because I was a science major, and your stuff must be current for obvious reasons.

Believe it or not I have many more stories of these JACKED up people...They are so loved and respected...they can be so nice to people they like. Just not me. I suspect it is because I am not white, I am a natural born citizen of Mexican ancestry... Then sometimes I suspect they are jealous, I was also in the military and had a pretty respectable job while in the service, search and rescue medic...They NEVER would want to talk about my military service. Or anything awesome that I had done or experienced. Never bothered me, the thing that bothered me was being name called and KICKED OUT for "being a little worried"

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Posted on Wed, Nov. 15, 2017 at 02:46 pm

Mil has been hateful to me for 20 years. She is passive aggressive and says the most horrible things. She usually acts like it's a joke and mostly says things when dh isn't in the room. How convenient. She talks about killing me...as a 'joke'.

I finally got sick of it and decided I'm done.
Dh can visit all he wants but funny thing is he doesn't now that I won't. He called her the other day. He hasn't seen her in five months. He called and asked if she was still alive.

That's Karma!

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TROUBLEMAKER making trouble before we knew it

Posted on Wed, Nov. 15, 2017 at 12:59 pm

Just found out all those years we asked MIL to invite my husband's Aunt and Uncle to family holiday dinners she told us they couldn't come/had other plans/etc. that they were never extended the invite!!! They are elderly and have no children and thought we just stopped inviting them for some reason. How my spineless FIL could go along with this I don't know (it was his brother). Proves the TROUBLEMAKER is rotten to the core and it is for the best she is out of my life.

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The "Too Good-ers"

Posted on Wed, Nov. 15, 2017 at 02:09 am

So I guess that I am writing this to let off some steam (very much needed btw). I have been married with dh for 5 years, 2 kids together. I cannot STAND my inlaws. They are the most digusting and foul creatures on this realm. One of my sil is a fatass "I think I'm too good because I ain't got no kids, unlike you" bitch with a bark and no bite. The other sil is a bird nose bitch who always makes it a point to announce that she isn't afraid of no one and she has no filter along with the other "rida"(pathetic, her sister is her only friend). When they are in the presence of my fil they act so invicible because his ugly ass thinks he's intimidating. They are always talking shit and throw petty comments about me out there as if I don't know who they are referring too. They always have something to say about my parenting, always telling ME what to do when it comes to my kids. I am about 1 more strike away from saying f**k y'all and move back in with my family. They are the fakest people out there. My mil is always backing up her disgusting filth of a husband and parasite daughters. What about dh? He gets treated like a pos. My kids love them because on the other end of the spectrum they are actually really good with my kids considering, but their are some things they tell my kids or do that pisses me off. I guess they just really don't like me. I need to get a backbone already because this family is just weird. I have shown nothing but kindness to them, always lending a hand, always concerned about their well being, etc.... and for what? I am done! I love my dh but goddamn was raised by a pack of wolves, they're animals.

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Dictatorial sister in laws

Posted on Tue, Nov. 14, 2017 at 10:08 am

I don't even know why I had to stumble to such an disheartening family of in laws.My Sil who lives abroad once called me to ask me when I will be moving in to her brothers house.I told her soon.That is when the rant started,"i know why you want to get married to my bro,because he is your baby daddy.Nowadays you dont have to get married to your babby daddy.Are you aware he has another girlfriend.Besides when you move in now,you will make mom sick,you know she has blood pressure."All this time i kept quiet and wondered why is she so against me.The other sil who lives around also hates me so much.She is the one who passes info to the other sil.In our culture when you give birth you are supposed to stay at your in laws.That is where i saw hell.I was wrong but i couldnt help when i decided to snoop at my sils whatsapp conversation with the other abroad sil,they talked about me being lazy,dirty,that i dont wash my child.Oh God,that was so difficult for me,i cried all that i could.I decided to go back to my house,that is when mother in law got angry and said that i am very ungrateful.The goodness is that my husband stands with me at all times,thank God for that,thats why they hate me.I have been hearing word up and about about me,source,ofcourse from my sils.Hell broke loose and thats when the bitch in me came out.I used to be quiet,reserved never ever stood up for myself.I texted both of them out of anger and gave them what they didnt want to hear.The first sil is 35years,2nd sil is 28yrs both unmarried.I told them thats why they never get married is because of they are bitter dictatorial b*****s who never even realise they are now courgar.And even much more,I cannot type most of it.They used my texts to spoil my name,that I am a pretender my true colours are now out and that they will never ever get married because they are entitled to everything at home.I wonder who said I wanted everything theirs.All my relative in laws,hateme because of that single text.It is difficult I tell you.My hubby told me to just keep quiet,that one text was enough.I just pray for God's strength.

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Asshole-free Thanksgiving

Posted on Tue, Nov. 14, 2017 at 02:36 am

It’s so disgusting how shitty mil and fil treat my children. Assholes never call to ask how they are doing, never invite them over to spend quality bonding time together, and live five min away. You worthless dicks are the ones missing out and cheating my kids out of grandparents. Of course, they’d happily fly to the moon for their “other” grandkids though. What an embarrassment both of you are. Most selfish people I have ever met!
But they never miss an opportunity to show off/look good in front of their fake friends, like they’re some really great grandparents.
Don’t bother sniffing around our place when you need help getting to the bathroom in a few more years. Call someone who gives a shit! Fuck you psychos!

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The Inlaw drama

Posted on Mon, Nov. 13, 2017 at 10:32 pm

True and ongoing story

Niece in law likes or get drunk and pregnant by random strangers. On her thrire conception, she actually remembered who knocked her up! He stayed in the picture. The Prince Charming? He has a felony, has lost his license due to drunk driving, has a warent out for his arrest, etc.

The latest is niece in law borrowed her moms car and went out drinking with her boy friend. What happened? Her boyfriend drove the car, ran a red light, hit another car. Then, he was arrested, taken to jail.

Now, Dh's sister, who owns the car, is hoping that she doesn't get sued as the owner of the car.

The drama never ends.

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