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Help me out here, woman

Posted on Mon, Feb. 19, 2018 at 05:07 am

We very, VERY rarely see the inlaws, even though we all live in the same small town. I hear that my husband's mother complains about this to anyone who will listen, and now she's badgering my husband about our upcoming move to a larger nearby town. She talks to him privately, trying to get him to confess that HE doesn't want to move, it's all ME. Yeah, right. It's me. The evil daughter in law trying to drag her son and grandchildren farther away. Nevermind the fact that our current house is too small, there's no yard, the neighbors are awful, and this town is going downhill fast. The fact that our new house is perfect for our family and that our kids will have a much better life there is irrelevant in her mind, because she makes it all about her. She can't conceive of the idea that my husband and I actually work as a team, that he probably wants the new place even more than I do and he's been working his ass off to get it because HE really wants it. So, she calls her poor, poor manipulated son, who lives his miserable life in my wicked clutches, and asks him "are you just doing this for her and the kids? YOU don't want to move, DO you?" Oh please. He hates this small town and it's snobby, judgemental people and he always has.
My husband says the real issue is that she's afraid she'll see us even less if we move out of town. Well, there are two reasons that we never see the inlaws, and distance has nothing to do with it. The first reason (according to my husband) is because his mom freaked out on me in front of a room full of people two years ago. She was upset about my husband changing jobs, and as usual, it was ALL MY FAULT! So she made a complete fool of herself and screamed at me in the middle of a luncheon in front of her own family and friends. She later apologized, and I forgave her. But now, my husband says she's afraid to come around or to invite us over, so I have to initiate any and all contact between us. (Why am I the one paying the price for her bad behavior?) So, she never calls me, never drops by, never invites any of us anywhere...and yet she's upset that she never sees us. (?) ok, fine. So I'll call, I'll make the plans, I'll go over there, right? WRONG. She NEVER makes time for us. Her daughter has her at her beck and call, pretty much raising her kids. Mil takes her daughter's kids to and from school, to all their activities, and usually babysits them until bedtime, so, when does she have time to see our kids? She doesn't! We've tried taking the kids to see her on the weekends, and every single time we've tried, her daughter or son in law have dumped their kids on her while we're there! So mil can't know our kids, because she's too occupied with raising her daughter's! But she will never admit this. And every time she talks to dh she feeds him all this bull about how his sister expects too much of her and by golly, she's finally putting her foot down and saying no! But she never does. (I just realized this, how she's been giving dh the same lines for years now, but nothing ever changes. She does everything for her daughter's kids.) So, she ignores me, ignores my kids, initiates nothing, runs around 24/7 caring for her daughter's kids or has them over at her house....and then blames ME for the fact that we never see her. It's ridiculous. I actually think she may see more of us after we move, if I can just get her to come over. The best way to get her a chance to be with us is to get her away from her daughter. If she's visiting us an hour away, her daughter can't just pick up the phone and ask to "drop the kids off real quick." Can she? And if we're the ones who've made the drive to her place, surely she'll guard her time with us and not ignore us so she can babysit her other grandkids....right? .....um... right?

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Posted on Mon, Feb. 19, 2018 at 04:39 am

I can't stand how they stalk me on every single social media platform. You just wake up one day and it dawns on you how super creepy it really is so I temporarily blocked all their accounts just so their old asses are off my friend's list for now. What we do in my spare time is our business and they really need to butt out. It's just creepy when you are still young having all these obsessive 60 year olds commenting all the damn time. It's like shut the eff up grandpa and go take your motorized scooter ass outside. Get a life dammit!

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Why am I the outcast?

Posted on Sun, Feb. 18, 2018 at 09:00 pm

Mil, I have been in your family for over 30 years. I have never been accepted by you. Both sil's have been accepted and are members of your secret club. Neither are first wives, they are the 3rd and 2nd wives of bil's. Whenever we are together, I am completely ignored (which may be a good thing). You all go off together and if I am invited, it is an after thought. Then you try to separate me from my DH, telling him things that are untrue. My only conclusion is you are jealous. Why else would you be such a jerk to me?

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My SiL and MiL are toxic witches

Posted on Sun, Feb. 18, 2018 at 06:35 pm

I hate you two. You lie every time you open your filthy mouths. Your only pleasure is to look down on me or belittle and patronizing me. Dear SiL you are 35 no one wants to marry you and I wonder why. Leave my kids alone and NO i dont need your advice on how to educate or treat my kids, your insulting indirect comments towards me mean nothing. You dont get a reaction from me. I dont care to me. You are rediculious. MiL you are so low, so manipulative,loving to sleep around with 63 of age. Have some self respect. I cant be the better person anymore. I have put up with too much. I hope you both die soon. What a better world this would be.

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Unappreciative Geezers

Posted on Sun, Feb. 18, 2018 at 02:20 pm

My in laws have a place in the country that they moved to to be away from people. But they moved nearly three hours away from our home town and for years have expected us to come visit all the time. I am made to be a jerk because I didn't go very often. Now they are in failing health and have a hard time keeping their house up to their own impossible standards.(both have severe O.C.D.) My wife and I decided to move into their basement to help them out. I quit my job and we sold our house and here we are. Stuck in the middle of nowhere with two people with OCD who make everyon uncomfortable because they are vacuuming under their feet or wiping the table while we are eating. And judging me because I haven't got my feet on the ground since moving. I just want to scream! I quit my awesome job to come help these assholes out so they didn't have to sell their place. Now I am just uncomfortable as hell and don't even feel welcome. Even though I spend most of my free time working on their house! Die already!

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Forgiveness is not in my vocabulary

Posted on Sun, Feb. 18, 2018 at 12:13 pm

I will not forgive nor forget how evil you were to me and to my kids. Your son could never admit to it. But any mother in-law who treated me this way is pure evil and a witch. The kindest word I can say about you is that you were a "Racist" and that isn't saying much.

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So sick of you

Posted on Sat, Feb. 17, 2018 at 06:19 pm

My husband does not even realize that I just don’t like his mother as a person and also don’t agree with just about anything that she does we are just very different people and my husband is too stupid to see this he thinks that I’m just picking in his mother. I am not I just do not like anything that she does . She has a very mean spirit. How does one get so bitter and mean I’m mean are people really just born mean ? Or do they learn the bad behavior from their parents? My husband can’t see that she is a huge problem and that she hurts me a lot instead he is trying to make it seem like his mother is a saint and I’m picking on her . Not the case at all she is so darn mean why don’t you get this ???? Why????

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Before the appearance

Posted on Fri, Feb. 16, 2018 at 06:45 am

Let's just make a few corrections to the current familial false narrative:

a. I don't smoke. Therefore, no need for me to steal my children's money for cigarettes.

b. My family has never considered ANYone in our lives to be spendthrift or less than generous.

c. I'll always acknowledge things I'm actually guilty of: being overweight, having a messy home, struggling with severe depression... not an "excuse" for missteps - but it is reason.

d. My sincere hope is that I'm wrong about the things my family might have done to try and hurt me. I love you.

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Posted on Fri, Feb. 16, 2018 at 06:03 am

I don't care about you.

You don't matter at all.

The actions you have shown let me know the truth about you

Thank you.

Done. I am done.

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Posted on Thu, Feb. 15, 2018 at 10:03 am

Did you notice that your son did not bring you a card, call you or buy you a gift.

Do you know who didn't remind him? Yes, me.

I know you think he is the living version of deceased fil but he is your son.
Valentine's Day is for couples.

I was at the store on Valentine's Day and many times days before, I could of bought a card or gift for Dh or give to you. You don't deserve it. I know some years he remembers but I never remind him or help pick anything out for you.

If you weren't such a - itch to me, I could look the other way. I could wish you well and remind him ways to brighten your days. I would help!

However, you opted to treat me as the enemy who "stole" your son.

Remember, accusing me of not being good with money. You were and are wrong.

Regarding the money Dh borrowed from you, my plan is to see that he doesn't pay you back. I will be at the level of your expectations. The money will be spent or just not paid back.

I can and will do what I can to limit the time Dh has to spend with you as well.

Please enjoy having me as your enemy. You had it coming.

If you did get any candy for Valentine's Day, I hope you choked on it.

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