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Normal deficient

Posted on Sun, Sep. 25, 2016 at 08:23 pm

"Just because she says she loves you doesn't mean it's true:. A corny picture quote my MIL decided to post publicly on my partners page last night.
She fights and competes with me for his affection and attention but this just crossed the line over to completley GROSS.
He deleted it off his page after he noticed  it but not before showing me and visibly cringing.
She has no idea about our relationship or how rock solid we are. We have a child together and have been very happy for some time now.
We have kept our distance from her simply because she's so eager to cause drama for her only son. He calls on birthdays etc but apart from that we do not have contact  (we live in different states too ).
In return I am painted as the evil witch who stole her son and grandchild from her but she is too narsasistic to realise her crazy behaviour has driven him far away.
If you're jelous your child's partner gets more attention than you do then you're seriously lacking in maturity. 
I'm amzed he turned out to be such a wonderful person given he was raised by a mother deficient in NORMAL.

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Think he has a problem

Posted on Sun, Sep. 25, 2016 at 05:21 pm

My husband comes home from work and downs a beer so fast get a buzz and gets cranky with everyone acts like a hyper jerk and no one can stand him he thinks that we are all having fun but we aren't we all find him so annoying . Tells me I have a speech impediment and then when I confront him about it he says no he never said that has a mom who is really really mean and nasty . He knows that I can't say even one thing nice about her and he gets pissed off if I talk to my mother about it she is my best friend if course I am and I need to vent . I really can't stand his drinking . What to do

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10 years a witch

Posted on Sun, Sep. 25, 2016 at 06:12 am

I have been with my partner for over a decade. We now have a DD too.but i'll be damned if this woman will ever take a hint and F OFF!! I told her years ago to get her own life and stop interfering but she just wont break some of the ties with her son, who mind you, doesnt like her much himself. An overbearing, rude, self distrusctive, mental patient. I have never hated a person as much as i do her. And now our poor daughter has god knows how much of her life to put up with her too. This woman has literally made me break down hundreds of times. She insisted on being in the delivery room ffs!! Ew! Luckily she had to go overseas anf missed thr birth hahahahaha sucked in bitch! She has turned her son (my partner) into a shy, nervous man who has no self esteem at all anymore and i couldn't hate her more for that. I spend my life walking on eggshells because she falls apart and plays the "poor me" card every chance she gets. I cant wait till shes 6ft under. Most disrespectful, painful i've ever had the displeasure of knowing. Has made me consider leaving my partner so many times. And am now hunting for a home on the other side of the country just so she cant drop in unannounced as she does now at least 3 times a week and we can live the happy, peaceful lives we deserve!!!!!

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Oh, and this

Posted on Sat, Sep. 24, 2016 at 04:45 pm

You will NEVER know your grandkids. You say you are at the last quarter of your life and want to make memories? Should have thought of that years ago. You have never taken a moment to consider their needs, so why would we ever consider your wants??? I Call All The Shots now. Hahahahahaha

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Posted on Sat, Sep. 24, 2016 at 04:28 pm

I know this will be a shocker to you, but I am NOT the reason your son/brother is not close to you. YOU are! Your relationship was crap WAY before he met me. YOU ruined it by repeatedly showing SIL was the favorite. Luckily I had/have to do nothing to show him how horrible you are- you do that all by yourselves. Stop trying to blame me. I am not the "outlaw" you like to say I am. YOU are!!!!

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My in laws are all show

Posted on Sat, Sep. 24, 2016 at 12:30 pm

I don't like any of them,except my fil.
When I first met them I thought they were so close and I liked the big family atmosphere.
Turns out they are all self-centred and really quite pathetic.
Since my wedding was ruined by my vile mil, I'm playing a game whereby I am trying to avoid them for as long as possible.
They have no interest in our daughter so I have no interest in them.
It's really that simple.

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Revenge is a dish best served cold

Posted on Sat, Sep. 24, 2016 at 10:00 am

My inlaws made my life hell on earth as soon as the ring was slipped on my finger. They're bullying, vicious blackmailing narcissists. They told everyone I married my husband for money even though my job pays more than his and lived very comfortably before I met him. Never met a more sinister bunch of human beings in my life! I made a decision to cut them all out after they wished I was dead. Hubby stands with me. Well found out I'm pregnant now. Mil found out from a mutual friend, rang hubby in tears, bellowing like a hog how delighted she is and can't wait to be grandma. I'm going to let her be with the baby when it's born, then a few weeks in when she's bonded and relaxed, I'm going to rip the rug from under her filthy hooves by going no contact. She can reap the seeds she's sewn and feel what it's like to be ostracised out of our family for ever.

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MIL...reasons why I hate you!

Posted on Sat, Sep. 24, 2016 at 09:33 am

MIL...I hate you, I can't stand you, I can't believe you made it this far in life...and did I mention I hate you!

O MIL...where do I even start...

1. Why? Do you think it's ok to interfere with my marriage decisions? It's me and my husband...mind your own f****** business!

2. Stop cooking! When ever you cook, it smells like something crawled up in the house and died!

3. Learn to wash dishes! When I pull a pot out of the cabinet or a fork out of the drawer why is there food still on it!

4. My son is "my baby" not our baby as you say!!! You dingbat "my baby"!

5. Speak f****** English. You live in the US! Only my husband can understand your stupid ass. And then you get made cause I don't talk to you and ignore you. Speak f****** English!!! You stubborn old lady I know you know how, you just refuse! Do you see me speaking another language in front of you so that you don't understand...No I don't do that! Cause I know some people in the room will not understand!

6. Find new friends. On your birthday. I threw you a bone. Packed up the baby and went to your stupid church then breakfast. Where I met your "so-called friends". That lady sitting at the end of the table came up to me and said "you have good MIL, she has lots of money" (just like that in those exact words, we'll at least she spoke english)...Ummm...no shit lady...I'm well aware of what my inheritance is worth!

7. Call your useless and self-absorbed other son once in a while. Leave my husband alone! Let me say it again leave my huband alone! (Here is a tip) Bribe him with money, he usually comes running!

8. If you walk into the house one more time and totally ignore me and only talk to the baby...even after I say "hello" to you whatever I have in my hand is going to be thrown at your head!

9. Stop asking the baby if he wants to go to church with you. He doesn't understand what you are asking. And I don't want him to be like you. Why do you even go to church? Your still a horrible bitter piece of shit that misses the whole reason why people go to church in the first place.

10. Stop referring to the people on my side of the family as "those people"! At least they are here and taking part in his life! And anyway where the hell is your side of the family...oyah in a different country! Hmmmm...people he will never meet! Lucky them they don't have to see you!

11. So I was at the house and getting hungry. Walk over to the rice cooker to get some rice. I open up the lid and of course just by looking at the rice I can tell what you have been eating. I guess you wanted that whole pot of rice to yourself! Then you get mad that I made more rice. O well!

12. If you ask me to sit with you and watch another paternity test judge show. And make a stupid sly remark that my son is not my husband's baby. Be prepared. I will walk out the door and don't count on never seeing my baby ever again. You say he's not my husband's baby so I guess it won't hurt you!

More to come husband just walked in the room...Gotta Go...

O just one more thing I hate you MIL...F*** You

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I don't want to be like you

Posted on Sat, Sep. 24, 2016 at 08:49 am

You have a problem because I don't wash clothes like you. Or clean like you do. Or cook the foods you cook. Maybe it is because I don't EVER want to be anything like you. You selfish, manipulating, idiotic, grandmother-in-law.

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Posted on Sat, Sep. 24, 2016 at 07:43 am

Every single last one of my inlaws, even the kids are assholes. My husband is nothing like them and thats why I love him. Someone in that family had a VERY strong asshole gene. Just completely rude, arrogant assholes. I limit MY childrens time with them in hopes they do not become assholes. Of ALL the inlaws in the world why did I have to end up stuck with these assholes? Assholes! GRRR...

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