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Paid up?

Posted on Thu, Jul. 24, 2014 at 08:37 am

Congratulations, hick-in-laws! The meth lab must be doing well, since you have evidently reupped internet service. Or perhaps you came across some stolen property to pawn?

Thank you so much, psychotic hick, for your pithy words of "wisdom." But why would I take the advice of someone who sounds high on mushrooms? Get back to me when you are able to construct a logical, complete sentence, i.e., when Hell freezes over.

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Stupid Racist Inlaws Are Broke

Posted on Thu, Jul. 24, 2014 at 04:27 am

I live in the UK and my wife's family are stupid, bigotted, ignorant throwbacks living in a non European country with no welfare state, no free health care, no state pension. She emigrated here as a teenager, has spent most of her life here and has British citizenship.

Her family are proudly old school right wing racists who think all forms of socialism are evil - but this doesn't stop them using our free health service every time they come to visit!!! Who needs travel insurance when you travel to Britain...

They don't care about the poor and live in a nice little whites only suburb completely cut off from the rest of the world.


Just found out their pension fund has been plundered and they are broke - a long story and currently a major scandal in their country.

The inlaws have spent the last decade pissing money up a wall acting as if the good times would never end. Even when they realised the pension was shrinking TEN YEARS AGO they continued to stick their heads in the sand and didn't even try to budget for the future. International holidays, a pool in the garden and a premier casino membership!!!

It looks like we will be bailing them out for the rest of their lives. Yeah, we will be sending over all our spare cash to fund people WHO LIVE IN A BIGGER HOUSE THAN US because they are arseholes. Their living room is the same size as our whole appartment.

They drive to the corner shop at least 3 times a day even though you can see it from their house. We do not own a car.

There is no way out and the situation will not change. It will only get worse. They are screwed and we have to support them or they will starve.

They legally cannot move over here and we cannot legally move there so living together is not an option - so not all bad news....

Oh well, maybe they will die before I reach 50.

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Posted on Wed, Jul. 23, 2014 at 01:25 pm

Dear MIL, FIL, BIL, and soon to be SIL:

I hope you are happy with yourselves. My DH (your once doting son and brother) has finally figured out that the four of you manipulate him frequently. It broke my heart when he asked me why you would do that to him. I know the answer, but why don't the four of you "man up" and tell him yourselves that each of you are egocentric A-HOLES.


PS....MIL....crying in your underwear to get your way in front of everyone...NICE. I think you scarred DH even more than he already was.

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I'm hanging in for the long haul in this marriage

Posted on Wed, Jul. 23, 2014 at 11:16 am

ESIL would have loved to see DH and I get a divorce as she is miserable and divorced. She accused FIL of causing her divorce which is partially true but ESIL wouldn't be easy to live with either. When FIL was alive she was in cahoots with him to cause trouble in my marriage. I persevered through alot when I was first married. I was the hostess with the mostess for the in-laws as they loved to be catered to. I bought them nice gifts and was generally a nice generous person. Then DH was marginalized in the family, spited and hated because he was financially and maritally successful. Yes, ESIL was favoured by FIL even though she did the least for FIL and mooched off him after her divorce. DH on the other hand became very independent at a young age, never asked his parents for anything, but yet in the end he gets a slap in the face from his own father because ESIL wants to be in control of everything (especially FIL's assets and money). Now DH wants nothing to do with his siblings and NIL. I don't blame him really after the way he was treated in the family. Golden ESIL got the best treatment of all and that precious NIL daughter of hers who is always looking for handouts. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. We are so done with these people!

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Its never really over

Posted on Wed, Jul. 23, 2014 at 11:05 am

A person can be nice, give cards, be a complete doormat. Then get sick of the gossip and backstabbing and turn totally mean and angry, be rude, say whatever you want and the il's still stay in your life. Aww, thats so sweet that you make up complete lies about me then when i cut you out of my life you ask hubby when were all coming for a visit, how nice it would be to visit here. I won't be visiting there and you sure as hell better not try visiting here. Its been a year, its over. I would have to feel mad to get over a mad and i don't feel anything but relief to have you as gone as is possible. You are a fire and how stupid would i be to keep reaching my hand out for another 20 years? You started off hating me because i took your baby boy from you. He was a 24 year old man who had been in the military for 6 years. Your hate turned into a pattern and a way to get attention from others. It makes me physically ill to think of how i let myself be treated and talked about. I should have given you back your emotionless basket case of a son years ago but i'll drag around this half dead marriage just so you won't have the satisfaction of me being out of the picture. Suck on that, bitch.

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Psycho MIL

Posted on Wed, Jul. 23, 2014 at 09:52 am

I never knew that i would say this but my MIL is really Psycho, she is seriously demented and crazy , i mean she is seriously disturbed. at first i really liked her and even thought she had her flaws i choose to overlook that and encouraged my DH to pay more attention to her because my mom passed away when i was still very young and i knew how it felt like not to have a mom. Boy was i mistaken, she is nothing but a mean spirited , selfish, entittled woman and a bad mother who never raised her kids and she hides behind the fact that if she doesnt rudely and meanly say things and bottle things up she might get sick , i mean who does that, she is just a crazy annoying little bug that needs to be squashed and trust me im TEMPTED to do so!!!!!!

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Mil Next time....

Posted on Wed, Jul. 23, 2014 at 08:38 am

You make passive aggressive comments to me, I will reflect the attention on your intentions.

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Posted on Wed, Jul. 23, 2014 at 05:59 am

If you had the ability to say things which always come true that would be called talent. Fortunately for us you are all talentless! In fact, most of what you say is never going to come true because it's based on the bullshit, lies and stories that you made up in your own heads about us!

You don't want to get along with us that's fine. Just know that it's your responsibility to change/accept what you don't like about it. If you aren't willing to do that then that misery will shine through you and take root in a other areas of your life.

If you are dumb enough to hate us then know that you are tying yourselves to us for as long as your hate lives. You are building an intimate one-sided relationship with us that we don't even know exist.

You hate does not impact us. It does make you a loser!

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Stupid ,Selfish, Greedy

Posted on Tue, Jul. 22, 2014 at 11:20 pm

So my hubby just comes home from a long seperation period.Due to him being in the service we planned our marriage prior to this time, i stressed i DO NOT want any of our family members involved theyll just posion the loving atmosphere with disguised ,hate self pity, jealousy and thats coming from both sides! So anyway i thought we would have some bonding time away from everyone thinking that he missed me but no, he spent most of his time with his family and friends.Now theres nothing wrong with that but i did felt neglected and unwanted they do not make me feel welcomed at all so i kept my distance he seems to notice this but he was either too afraid of what his family might say if he speaks up for me, or he just doesnt care.I try to talk to them all idivually and there just not happy people they hate the world and everyone in it , Too much negativity already so fastforwading to the wedding everything was rushed up the ass, his sisters were trying there best to be nice but you could they were not feeling this day,it was as if they were holding in all there anger for last part of the day not to memtion there slick and rude sarcastic comments after ever conversation annoying. So we have our wedding it was beautiful i was so very happy, everyone managed to keep their shit together during the ceremony. so after the ceremony we have a nice dinner and everything is cool except him and his mother scouling at the menu the whole time, but it was beautiful non the less,I was very grateful for the expirence, after our family parted ways, the remainders suggested staying with us at our hotel which i said not to do, and he just didnt have a say or care in the world he went with the flow.So after three long hours in a hot car with his friends and family no body talk it was dead hostility no one had anything pleasent to say plus his one of his family members was being a rude bitch making everyone feel even more messed up, so we get to the hotel room everyone was talking extremly loud already making a scene and the manager comes in telling us to leave he goes and hagles with the guy but we still got booted out so not only is everyone else dissapointed and pissed some of his closet friends ask to go home and he refuses he even didnt have the balls to tell them not to go in the first place and wants to keep them all hostage so to make up for it i suggest we go to the beach to cool down so we get there its late and we all have a great time everybody cleared out their minds and it was cool. Except after we go back home to drop everyone off one of his family members flipped out and threw everybodies belongings on the groud including his gifts and alot of my personal belongings i was fucking fed up at this point so i bitched this person out and he was behind me i thought he had my back but this person just dissmised the whole thing like it was an accident they were acting like a bitch and my husband just watches from the sidelines im fed up so i go back in the car, we drop of the rest of the ppl and pick up the last two we left with that irratable person turns out they flipped out on everyone and tore the room to bits upsetting the family members and this other person got blamed for this person fucked up behaviour and everyone turned on this person it was sad to say the least his own family members pick at themsleves they have no communication or love it was just awful this person also got kicked out a put on the streets for no reason what so ever, but anyway its around 6:00 am and im tired of driving around no food and had a fucked up night i want to go to bed away from my husband because his actions just disgust and disapointed me and he knows it, and i just want to relax far away from both families alike.We tried checking out at different hotels and constantly got reject i jut went home and he followed talking about how great his family made the evening and the night i blew up at him in the streets and didnt care. then he tries to calm me down and it pissed me off even more, we talk but i didnt care what he had to say at that point. three days past and we didnt have our honeymoon yet and our time together was limited and getting eatin up. We go to his insufferable mothers house get bitched at and i leave him to defend his own i want no part in his family any longer at this point, im in a sense just done i can go on and on about how miserable and insufferable these ppl can be. And he idk i love my husband but i just cant stand him defending his family over and against me, he tells me his not my enemy and that he protects me but i just dont care to listen to the bullshit coming out his mouth any longer.When its just me and him were perfect and he is in a good happy enviorment and our personalites rubs off on each other in the greatest way possible , but when hes surrounded by friends and family he acts like a fucking jackass and when they crack jokes on me really hurtful ones he just goes along with it and im just disgusted of how much of a tool he is , and the thing is hes family arent even in relationships anymore a majority of them have been divorced seperated and abandoned. and they do want to see him happy, because they want him just as miserable. Its pathetic that he doesnt see this abd just dissmisses it like im crazy he also has anger issues hes always quick to jump down my throat and put me down.But he never does this to outside people like his friends family and strangers! I feel alone and I dont know what to do i want marriage counsiling already but hes too embarrest to admit its needed. And another thing hes sister the one that flipped out on everyone did it out of jeaslousy is what he told me. we also ended up having oir honeymoon but only for a day it was pathetic he begged his other sisters to stay with us at the hotel and they even looked at him crazy i dont know what to make of this but i would like some helpful advise, please and thank you

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bipolarity at its best

Posted on Tue, Jul. 22, 2014 at 01:36 pm

So my Dh and i got into a small argument. I didnt want to continue arguing, so i went outside... Turned out, MIL had locked the door on me when I went to go outside for a bit. She then tried to tell DH to get rid of me once and for all. DH ignored her and told me to come back in. She then says behind DH back that I'm a bitch for yelling at his son! Well, today after DH and I talked and got along this morning, then she is being all sweet. Dh tells me to not talk to her ever, because he already heard that she doesn't consider him a son, since being with me. I can't wit till we move out soon.

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