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Posted on Sun, Apr. 19, 2015 at 08:01 am

my useless out laws are alcoholics. the male out law has not had a drink in almost 35 years, but he is a dry miserable drunk. the female out law drinks 5 or 6 days a week to the point of screeching, obnoxious comments, crying and peeing on herself. they have rasised 3 alcoholics, and yet when i lose it, they all want me to "calm down." wtf you created this mess!!! they just cannot handle the truth hitting them in the head, and i will not hold my tongue. i have now gotten to the point that i wish them dead!! and i want it quick and excruciatingly painful!! nice way to feel about your husbands parents and the grandparents to my children. we have had a terrible year! and when my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer the concern was telling my mother out law at a bad time that her son had cancer!! oh i am so sorry, there is a good time to have that conversation???? if i never saw them again i would be the happiest mofo on the face of the earth!!!
it is perfectly fine that when your son comes home from work bombed (had to take the car away) and wakes me up to psychologically torment me is ok!! oh right, that makes you feel bad and its all your husbands fault; he did the same thing. how about some accountability you alcohol soaked brain damaged dim wit!!! his whole life he saw his father beating the shit out of you in a drunken rage (aka napolean, short mans disease no balls disease) and drive drunk. i cannot imagine having one of my parents drive drunk, no less both!!! even the other day i had to drive you to get something because you were getting behind the wheel buzzed up!! you are 67 years old grow the fuck up!! you are alcoholics you raised alcoholics and now you feel bad?? how so you say nothing you close your eyes and pretend everything is ok. well its not you dumb asses!! and oh i am so sorry did i offend you when i called your son a useless drunk??? oooohhh did that hurt your feelings?? no worries you washed it down with a bottle of cheap wine!! then you try to talk to me the next day, and expect me to "chat" with either one of you dumb fucks!! i hate you both so much i tremble inside!!!
as far as my husband goes; he does not like my reaction; stresses him out!! omg you poor thing!! your big bad wife has a pair of balls and calls you out on things!! fuck you!! you suck you insensetive selfish bastard!! i have stood by you through it all. do you want our kids to drive drunk? is that your goal? so one of them is in jail or killed? wtf i am fighting for our family while you wallow in self pity!
i am sorry you have shitty ass parents, i really am!! but you are a grown up!! act like one for gods sake; there are so many resources to help you and you chose nothing. well you better choose soon cause i am at the end of my rope mofo!!!

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Vacation time again :(

Posted on Sun, Apr. 19, 2015 at 06:24 am

Pissa, it's April school vacation and the grandparents want my son to sleep over 1 night (he is 13) he doesn't want to, he is now at an age where he only wants to hang out with his friends . Now I feel bad because I know when I have to tell them they will take it personally.
What makes it even more difficult is that we were all estranged for a year when my son and I became homeless due to his father (their son) becoming a heroin addict - nobody offered to help. The ex got a new girlfriend and now my ex expects my poor son to just forget about all the pain he went threw?
I have explained this to his father and suggested that maybe if he'd call him every so often and just leave a message telling his son that he loves him that there could be some healing.
Haven't heard from him at all.
The last time we saw him he was joking about his nose getting stuck in a strippers butt and laughing ( while we struggle financially - and I work), this was at Easter. My son was horrified by this story!
I suspect my ex is still using, and at the bare minimum he is soooo inappropriate and immature that it is embarrassing , hurtful, and potentially dangerous! This sucks!
I will not force my son to be anywhere he doesn't want to be anymore!
I don't buy that he is not using, and the last time there was a sleepover my ex pissed himself - this is not healthy for a child to see.
I hope the grandparents will understand!

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I am a germophobe i suppose

Posted on Sat, Apr. 18, 2015 at 08:51 pm

Dog pee and fecal matter. I can't stand it! And when it happens near the baby's toys ya'll just laugh it off but who gets stuck cleaning up the ungodly mess without getting at the very least, an apology. I suggested leaving the dogs outside. But you say they bark too much. Last time I had checked, dogs bark. It's what they do. Or my favorite is keeping them inside because it is "too cold" for them. These dogs have fur. I can't believe you'd choose your dogs over your grandsons health and hygiene.
Also, please, for the hundredth time, do NOT smoke in front of the baby's bedroom when the window is open. That is just irresponsible. You ARE literally killing him.

We need to move out! (So expensive in this state UGH!)

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I don't care anymore...

Posted on Sat, Apr. 18, 2015 at 08:26 pm

In-laws hence forth from this day forward I will not give a flying fuck what you do or say!
I am sick and tired of your shit and childish mind games and I am no longer playing along.
If my dh wishes to continue contact with you that is his (foolish) choice to make and I will not stop him. But I have outlined how I feel and he only has to take your side one more time on something and I'm gone because I no longer need nor want this crap in my life.
So, go ahead with the mind games and immaturity because from now, you sad pathetic waste of spaces, it will bounce straight off me.

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History repeating....NOT

Posted on Sat, Apr. 18, 2015 at 05:24 pm

My wonderful nearly-independent and fully grown son had a visitor today. She came over to watch a movie, have dinner, chat for hours and play card games. I loved her. She was fabulous. She made him laugh. She made him happy. They made each other happy. I was thrilled to see them together. He's very young and he has the whole girlfriend thing yet to experience, but what it proved to me (as if I needed any proof) was that I will always be thrilled whenever he brings home a girl that he likes and who likes him too. I cannot imagine abusing her, making nasty remarks to her, undermining her in any way. I will always support him and I will always support any young woman he chooses and allows to be close to him in any way. I love my son absolutely, he has good sense and good taste and I will support HIS choices. What a shame my own MIL has never felt the same way.

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Mil said she wanted to throw me a baby shower..

Posted on Sat, Apr. 18, 2015 at 02:51 pm

So, I stupidly let her. She showed up to our house moments before it started with a bag of half eaten goldfish "for the party food" and a table cloth from the dollar store.

Thanks MIL. Glad you could throw such a great party.

Luckily there is a party store and grocery right up the street. DH and I quickly put things together. She acted "upset" that we bought more decorations and food. Then threw a tantrum in front of everyone by making "rounds" to all of my friends and telling them about how we "took over the baby shower".

Well, at least everyone picked up on what a complete nutcase she is.
Protip MIL, you were talking to MY friends who know you are mean to me.

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Posted on Sat, Apr. 18, 2015 at 11:36 am

Don't think you can yell whenever you feel like it and use your condition as an excuse. I'm tired of you lying on me making me look like the crazy bad guy. Nobody knows what a monster you are but people are starting to figure you out and I don't have to say anything at all! You think people are that stupid? You have another thing coming if that's how you think. Now I feel too sick to go anywhere and it's cloudy outside. So much did celebrating our son'so second birthday. Well I hope we will at least get to have cake and a nice birthday dinner for him. That's the least you can do after disappearing on your son's birthday. I guess your prescriptions for your subs and klonopin are more important than anything else. How could I forget? Sorry I'll never bother you ever again with what's more important that way you don't feel bad and yell and take it out on everybody else.

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eff you

Posted on Fri, Apr. 17, 2015 at 09:41 pm

Eff you mil. You will not break me. You do not make me. I have these 2 boys I struggled for and this baby girl I went through fertility treatments for. You can deny your blood because you hate me... But guess what bitch. I won. Your oldest son chose us over your bullshit and my children will never know you. Take that you sanctimonious asshole.

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Simpering SIL Part 3

Posted on Fri, Apr. 17, 2015 at 08:10 pm

My simpering SIL came over to our house today. Ignorant that she is, she sat in her car and honked the horn. I find that so rude, all she had to do was get out of the car and come to my back door and knock. Not her. This time I decided to stay outside and finally listen to what she and my DH discuss. Really it was nothing special, until she asked me the stupid question. "Really how old is your Mom and how is she really doing?" My mother is elderly and she has her share of chronic health issues and they are under control and that is the best I can hope for. I was being really good today and I didn't get snippy with her like I wanted to. Number one, my mother's age is none of your business and her health issues are definitely none of your business and I would never ask anyone these kind of questions and why would you. You have no boundaries and before my mother passes away, I am going to teach you what boundaries are. I am waiting for her to start asking me about her funeral plans, I will wind up in jail if she asks me that. It is none of her business and I welcome the chance to really give her an attitude adjustment with my fist. Too many years of her nonsense and it is time for her to shut her mouth and stop gossiping. Enough is enough, just leave me and my mother alone. She is off limits to your nosing around. You have been warned and I will release the hounds of hell on you. Skank.

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Posted on Fri, Apr. 17, 2015 at 08:06 pm

Rhymes with Louse...That ugly parasite called insecurity and jealousy with body/personality envy working it's way through you from the inside out in the form of personal and unrelenting attacks on those that "dare". OMG - Goodnight bitch

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