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Gift Horse

Posted on Sun, Oct. 22, 2017 at 11:21 am

A few years ago we were invited to yet another toddler birthday party that my inlaws held monthly. I’m not even exaggerating. My husband called his cousin to find out what size clothing her grandchild wore. She said, “ oh, are you out shopping again?” Yes, for your grandchild. Don’t get it twisted. If were up to me I would have texted to let you know we were unavailable to attend your party. My husband couldn’t handle the family guilt trip imposed if he declined. Of course y’all kept pushing until I finally put my foot down. You really think we enjoy children’s parties. Honestly, if we did I’d be worried.

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Listen assholes

Posted on Sat, Oct. 21, 2017 at 09:14 pm

My asshole mother in law is so mean and nasty all the time to me if I want to get her back because she deserves I will and she does !!!! I can’t stand this nasty woman at all !!!!!

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Posted on Sat, Oct. 21, 2017 at 06:44 pm

Every snitty, childish and toxic thing you communicate, either verbally or in written word is noted.

And I will keep you at a distance for as long as you continue to act like a couple of fools.

Not having anything to do with you doesn't worry me in the slightest. It would in fact be heavenly, not to have to see you again ever.

Now YOU need to make a note of that! 👌🏻

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Is It Wrong To Hope They Die?

Posted on Sat, Oct. 21, 2017 at 03:08 pm

Maybe so....but my FIL is such a perfect Church of Christ Christian (telling us lowly Baptist folk that we're all going to hell) that I just figure that he and his wife will just get a "Fast Pass" once they get up to the Pearly Gates. I guess my husband interpreted it differently just now when I told him I hope they both die.

Okay, okay....I know as a Christian I shouldn't have said that. But ya'll have to understand the kind of in-laws we're dealing with here if we have actually taken the time to Google "I hate my in-laws" and came up with this website.

No, husband, you have never told me you wish my dad dies. That's because he's awesome and he puts up with your alcoholic ass and gives you the tough love that your short little narcissistic daddy never could. You even tell me how you enjoy being with my dad and his gf WAY more than your parents. That is because your parents are awful. And maybe I don't wish they were dead.....but maybe after than BIG THICK LINE was drawn in the sand a while back I wish they would stay the F away from me. LIKE AWAY AWAY.

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Trolls Never Change

Posted on Sat, Oct. 21, 2017 at 11:38 am

My husband’s inlaw, married to his cousin called to get his advice. She said her sisters in law were encouraging her to sue her husband’s doctors. Her husband has needed an organ transplant for 8 plus years. He is a poor candidate due to his age. For his sisters to stir up his wife, making her think he is receiving poor medical care is cruel and unusual.

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Hate My Husband's Mother

Posted on Sat, Oct. 21, 2017 at 01:57 am

My husband's mother gives me a new reason to HATE and I mean HATE her more and more every time she opens her mouth to say something and/or every time she does something stupid.

What the FUCK my husband's mother WHY??? Are you giving MY 1 1/2 year old child "SODA", you try to justify it by telling me there is ice floating at the top(NO SHIT ICE FLOATS, WE NEED TO TELL EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW)so therefore it's "watered-down", THE SODA IS NOT "WATERED-DOWN" WHEN YOU JUST POURED IT IN THE CUP AND THE SODA IS STILL WARM AND YOU ARE GIVING MY "BABY" SODA!!! I can't stand this lady!!!

So today, was the soda incident.

Yesterday, I'm walking through the hallway pass the bathroom and she is literally sitting on the toilet and playing with the baby (I could actually feel my blood pressure go up and quick)and again WHY????? Here is what you do you stupid fucking dumb bitch....grab the baby by the hand, put the baby outside the door, and shut the fucking door. Now I don't think that takes a rocket scientist to figure that shit out.

A couple of days before that, she backed out of the garage and hit the garage door with the car!!! This will be the third time this year that has happened and she even hit another car while "she was fixing her hair, and her foot slipped off the brake"!!!

The day before that, she put a bowl of food in the microwave and left a spoon sitting in the bowl!!! YAY LET'S START A FIRE, WHO WANTS TO LIVE IN A BOX ON THE STREET CAUSE THE HOUSE BURNED DOWN!!!!

Two days before that, she dropped some pills on the floor and of course the baby found it and it went straight into the baby's mouth...one day I will most likely end up in the emergency room and just my luck I will have to tell child protective services that my husband's mother is the world's dumbest fucking idiot!!!

One day before that in the afternoon, she put a pot of food on the stove, turned the fire on, and fell asleep!!! I wonder if our home insurance covers STUPID??? Cause AGAIN I SAY SURE WHY NOT LETS BURN DOWN THE HOUSE AND LIVE IN A BOX ON THE STREET!!!

And a few days before that, she insisted on pushing her religion on me and my kid AGAIN!!! I have no idea and don't want to know what they are preaching/teaching at the church cause she told me, "If you don't go to church, you are nothing, and you'll be nothing and you have nothing" NEWS FLASH: THERE ARE ALOT OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD THAT DO NOT GO TO CHURCH, well if that is what your church teaches, then FUCK NO AND FUCK YOU AND I'M FOR DAMN SURE NOT GOING TO YOUR CHURCH AND NEITHER IS MY KID!!!

So this story pretty much sums up about a week and a half almost two weeks of my life and people ask me all the time "WHY ARE YOU SO TIRED???", WELL NOW YOU KNOW!!! PEOPLE ASSUME IT'S THE BABY, BUT IT'S NOT, IT'S MY HUSBAND'S MOTHER!!! MY husband's mother makes me so angry I just want to scream in her face "What the FUCK is wrong with you????? " FUCK I HATE THIS LADY!!!

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ride to the wedding

Posted on Fri, Oct. 20, 2017 at 01:22 pm

well my hubby and i are attending your grandson's son and future bride wedding..60 miles away..so happy you are not in the car..month before the 85 yr old self absorbed controlling mil wanted husband to go..no mention of me...she wanted him to rvsp for them ..not me...the wicked mil still causing problems..take a freaking cab or get the golden boy to give you a ride...still 55 living at home..i would no sooner get in a car with you then ride with 100 pigs in our car together...

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Please explain to me how they are not crazy

Posted on Thu, Oct. 19, 2017 at 09:32 pm

Dear husband,
They have crossed that line !! The line of doing crazy things !! So please explain to me how she isn’t crazy because I just don’t get it !!

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Oh my god!!!

Posted on Thu, Oct. 19, 2017 at 08:00 pm

My mother in law is almost 80 years old and made a Facebook I know omg!! Why and she is so mean to me all the time that I blocked her she is not ruin my fun . My son warned me so I blocked her. She is nasty and very mean to me and I wouldn't be her friend if you paid me to . So why would I get punished for that this women does not deserve to be my friend !!!! She is meannand angry!!! Leave me alone for not being her friend !!!!

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I hate them

Posted on Thu, Oct. 19, 2017 at 05:32 pm

My husband tells me that I don't mean it when I tell him I hate them or They make me miserable. Its to a point where I sometimes think of suicide. I've gone through therapy when I was pregnant and after. They know how they treat me and don't care. Its because i'm not blood. Pushed me away right after i had my babies. Had no chance to enjoy wedding, pregnancy or child birth. When they see me happy, they find a way to ruin it. My husband pretends to not know anything. I cry in my sleep or in the bathroom. My own kids know when im depressed. 6 yr old is smarter than them. He didn't understand why i cry during our anniversary. My birthday is coming up and Mil had a way to cause drama already. They're so fake in front of others, I'm going to continue to be nice because in the end people will see how horrible they are.

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