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MIL raising BIL Kid!

Posted on Fri, Apr. 20, 2018 at 07:00 am

Ex SIL ends up in jail for about 2-5 years for a felony. So BIL has full custody of thier child. What does he do? Makes MIL and FIL raise his child as he has to work. Fine and all, as MIL is ecstatic having her favorite grandchild full time with her. When going to see the PIL, she was hellbent on not letting my child near her own cousin! Why? Her words: A white Girl and a Hispanic man make beautiful children... I don’t like dark skin kids! My ‘daughter’ will not be around your child!” She said this in front of the two kids, myself and my DH! After that, she locked herself and BIL kid inside her room. She is always on her pills or on drugs, and screamed at us for having a child that is “not white”!
We also found out that BIL is pretty angry he has to raise this child by himself and has “no break”, and is showing a lot of anger and jealousy when DH and I are happy together.

DH and I have no contact with anyone in his family, and we will keep it that way.

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You lost in the end

Posted on Thu, Apr. 19, 2018 at 09:32 pm

I got married very young. You said your son and I wouldnt last a year. Here we are at almost 19 years. Happy and very much in love.
You refused to let him grow up and be a man. You beat him from the time he was little until the time I met him. Thankfully when he married me he became the best man a wife could ask for no thanks to you.
You married a pedophile and brought him around my son. Then you couldn't understand why your son hated you after that?! You really are dense.
You told me you would accept my kids when I proved to you by DNA that they were my husband's. Your joking right? They were born using fertility treatment!
Your son chose me. He chose his wife and his kids and said goodbye to you a long time ago. We heard you died last year and to be quite honest, it was the first real breathe I seen your son take in years.

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So Stupid!

Posted on Thu, Apr. 19, 2018 at 10:54 am

Well you are! You know you and your fool of a husband are only pushing your son further away, when you carry on as you do, but you keep on acting like arseholes! The pair of you, in your 70’s and yet still so bloody spiteful and childish. You clearly like losing at life. Morons.

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Girl Power

Posted on Thu, Apr. 19, 2018 at 08:38 am

My divorce is official. And we all lived happily ever after. Nope.

XH is still in jail. He will be for the next six months. He must have learned his lesson because he has not attempted to contact me. However, he has had his friends call me and beg me to take him back, give him another chance, he loves you, blah, blah, blah. I calmly described what my life was like with XH and the clan. Most apologized for calling. A few still continue to call. I'm keeping a log, as a few more RO may need to be issued.

XPIL, who are under house arrest, have not contacted me. However,they have signed me up for volumes of junk mail. There was a time this would have upset me. Not now. I laugh and have ordered a few things from the catalogs, purchased paint with a five dollar off coupon at from hardware store and received two free car washes. The rest I just toss. No worries.

I feel empowered! If they contact me, they will do more jail time. They now know I can and will press charges. Life is good.

More to come.

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Posted on Wed, Apr. 18, 2018 at 05:44 pm

Surely you realize that you are merely a fleeting thought to me? We see you when we must and then you become a distant memory as always because you are a non-factor in my life. Also, I'm sorry to hear that you think so highly of yourself that you actually believe I agree with your opinions. 10+ years and 3 kids later you can screw yourself if you're deluded enough to think I am in competition with you, lady. Well if that's what you think then congrats you have outdone me because that's a new level of hot messy psychobabble!? WTF?

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Clearly we did the right thing...

Posted on Wed, Apr. 18, 2018 at 01:14 pm

I can see so clearly now. FIL passed away while you we're bitching about yourself. You even complained about the gasping noises he made as he struggled to hang on. YOU COMPLAINED ABOUT GASPING NOISED FROM A DYING MAN! You evil C*NT! There, in that bed dying, was the only creature left in the universe that ever cared even a thread for you. You insufferable, unintelligent, insignificant POS! I never cared for FIL that much, but I know he did not deserve what you did to him. Use him up and when he got dimentia, you threw him away in the worst home possible. You enjoyed your life spending his money and enjoying yourself whilst he wasted away lonely in a home 2 miles from you. MIL, you beast! You vampire! You deserve the cancer that eats you. You have no friends, NO family left for you. You died too today as far as I am concerned. And when we decided to keep our distance, CLEARY we made the right choice! I am so glad we wont be seeing you again until the next funeral, here's hoping it's yours! Cheers!

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Posted on Wed, Apr. 18, 2018 at 11:01 am

I left my husband for a lot of reasons. The final straw was I asked him to make sure he was paying our income taxes properly (for a change!) because I inherited a little chunk of cash and didn’t want it being garnished because he’s incapable of managing his money.

Within a couple weeks I got the call from our state revenue Dept saying he’d failed to set up a payment plan & that I was also at risk of having assets seized. I filed for divorce and won my “innocent spouse” case with the IRS. But like I said this was only the final straw. A guy who fucks up this bad doesn’t only do it once.

So a few months go by and I have my stepkids over at my new place visiting. They have questions about why I left but are clearly afraid to ask. I don’t really encourage or discourage it. It’s tricky- you don’t want to give them inappropriate info or anything that condemns the other party. But you don’t want them only hearing the other side. I decided long ago I’d let them hear the other side and figure out on their own what their family members are like. All I’d say is I wasn’t a good fit.

So I said that more or less. I said that my former in-laws, the kids’ grandparents, great-grandparents and aunts, preferred their mom, the first wife. I didn’t give details.

I figured that was innocuous enough. And it was clearly true. For years as a newlywed I’d hear about how the first ex wife was invited over for Christmas tree decorating (instead of me) and I’d see framed photos of her everywhere including in the bedroom they gave us at their ski house.

To say they never cared how I felt would be an understatement. They were at times aggressively unwelcoming. Like the time SIL was hell bent on physically separating ex-h and I at her wedding. And when on our first Christmas with our newborn son I got the flu and my MIL came over and demanded to take everyone but me over to the GPILs’ place. So I could be alone and sick. On Christmas. I said hell no you’re not taking my baby. Lots and lots of shit like this. I wasnt doormatty enough -so they hated me.

My stepson (9) thought for a moment after I told him I reckoned I wasn’t the best match for the extended family. Then he says, “Well, I know they didn’t like you because manners are important to them and you weren’t polite to them.”

I can’t even.

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No more

Posted on Wed, Apr. 18, 2018 at 07:50 am

For so many years, i put up with your shitty comments, your refusal to listen, your intrusiveness, your narcissism, but this break from you has been awesome. The only thing is ugh, we have to decide if it’s permanent. The biggest mistakes you’ve made are pulling my kids into your problems with us. That won’t happen again you meddling monster. I truly despise you. You’ve made me question
My marriage because you’re that bad. Both of your children have sought marital therapy iover you. 2 therapists have said to keep your children away from this woman (and Fil as well). 2 have said that you’re personality-Disordered. You’ve been told this by both of your children, yet you think the therapists are wrong. Think my hubbby has finally understood that you’re crazy as a bedbug. But will he use this knowledge or keep ignoring it?

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Don’t choke at breakfast MIL

Posted on Tue, Apr. 17, 2018 at 01:06 pm

Enjoy yourself at breakfast oh dear birth-mother of my husband. You may have slithered your way into our vacation, and guilted a meet with my husband and his brother over a special breakfast you had to plan. Pretty slick pulling the ol “I may never see you two again” textbook MIL crap. Leaves the rest of us to only hope heehee.


This is so funny to me because I have begged DH to make special plans just for the three of you. Nope, he can’t stand being alone with you, he needs me as his shield or something. I hate it, we don’t need you. Enjoy this day as if it’s your last, because it is ... there will be no more family gatherings for you to jump in on. Good luck getting anyone to visit ya... insert kissy emoji

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Posted on Tue, Apr. 17, 2018 at 11:52 am

When my now husband and I first moved in together, we got a lot of backlash from his family.
At first, I wasn't bothered; they're religious and they have their opinions about pre-marital sex. Fine.
Then my future SIL, his youngest sister, sent him a lengthy email about living in sin and telling him that God had made these rules for a reason. Still not so bad.
One month later we find out that this same sister was pregnant with the bastard child of a man almost 20 years her senior, and knew that she was when berating us for living together!
She never apologized for her hypocrisy and my husband has never broached the subject with her, despite knowing how angry it had made me.
Oh well, she's the dumb ass fighting a drunk loser for custody of a child and living at home again at age 25. Karma bitch.

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