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DIL Can't Do Anything

Posted on Tue, May. 24, 2016 at 12:02 am

I realize this site is mostly women bashing on their husband's mothers, so I hope that I can put my story out there without them automatically thinking ill of me based on my being the MIL.

My son and daughter and I lived in a very small apartment when my kids were in high school. My son was 18, my daughter was 16. My son started dating a girl, she was very sweet. She lived with her brother and they couldn't afford much food so my son used to smuggle food out of our house and take it to her. Not complaining there, I'm proud that I raised a compassionate man.

They were dating two months and he got his first job. With his first check, he took her shopping. Bought her new clothes and a backpack. A little much for how long they'd been dating but still, he was trying to help her out. But then he bought her a Nintendo DS and several games. He spent about $500 on this girl he'd been with for two months. She didn't even protest.

When she turned 18 her brother kicked her out. My son begged me to let her come live with us so she wouldn't have to move to another state to live with relatives. Of course I said yes, but to help teach them a little responsibility I told them they had to pay $50 a month for rent. I don't think that was too outrageous.

She would go to work with him and sit until he was off, until finally his boss offered her a job and she took it. Every payday they came home with bags of new things, and completely broke. My son was smitten. Knowing she had a very rough childhood, I tried to buy her nice things once in a while.

After four months they up and decided to move in with one of her family members three hours away. Neither of them knew how to drive, so they relied on her relative to drive them around. They both eventually got jobs, and they were damn good jobs. They got drivers licenses. It took them two years to get a car still though.

They lived three hours away from me for five years. They came to visit me exactly four times. One of those times, my son was able to stay for three or four days. The girlfriend chose to stay home because she didn't get along with my older son.

They finally came back and moved back in with me after five years living there. My son got a job right off, his fiance (he proposed of course) took a while. When she wasn't out spending my son's money, she was either asleep in my granddaughter's room or watching TV. She didn't wash a single dish or do a single load of laundry for almost a year.

About a year and a half after they moved back, they got married. She kept spending my son's money and her own, and wouldn't pay a single bill until they got shutoff notices.

Two years ago, my son was injured in a work accident. He was disabled, and his wife had to start working again. He gained a lot of weight because of his back hurting and not being able to get around. Now she "play-teases" him calling him fatty, tubby, fatass, etc. But he continues to dote on her. She goes to work for four hours a day and when she comes home she claims to have worked sooo hard all day (she works at a high-end clothing store where she is allowed to sit on a barstool behind the register and play games on her phone) and so my son does all the cooking and cleaning when I'm not home. He thinks if he does it when I'm not home then I won't know she didn't do anything, but he doesn't realize that I can in fact do math. When she gets home at 1pm and I get home at 1:15 to see a spotless house...well there's no way she did it.

Also half of his meager disability check pays for her iPhone 6S that she just HAD to have because "all her coworkers have them".

My son loves her, and for his sake I love her too. I just wish she respected him more.

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Bye crazy inlaws forever

Posted on Mon, May. 23, 2016 at 09:41 pm

I'm glad I'm not part of your arrogant family anymore. You guys treated me like crap for nine years until I finally snapped out of it and divorced your abusive sociopath son and took my son with me. Now all he cries about is child support,alimony,and attorney fees he can't pay. Well you should have thought about that before you put your crazy family before your family. Now you are stuck with a new a baby with your new girlfriend who already had three of her own kids. Karma sure does come around. I have managed to get my credentials and have a successful career. Ex sister in law is know you are glad I'm gone because you have been trying to break us up from the very beginning. How sad you are going on 34 with no husband or kids. All of you are pathetic I can't believe I spent so many years thinking I wasn't good enough for your family but it was the other way around it was better than all of you. Good luck ever seeing your nephew or grandson because he knows all about you crazy people without me saying a word. Karma comes knocking at your door.

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He hasn't even proposed yet!!

Posted on Mon, May. 23, 2016 at 07:32 pm

Urgh, my bil called my dh and told him hes going to propose to his gf, and that is awesome my bil is great. The problem lies with my pils they are awful, we havent spoke to them in over 5 years (mil told me i ruined hubbys life by getting pregnant while holding my 6 month old after we had been together for 7 years and married before even getting pregnant), im so afraid of going to the wedding and having to subject my children to these ppl...im havjng anxiety and he hasbt even asked yet!!!! Im so afraid that we go to the wedding and his parent ask all high and mighty and cause a scene..... maybe I'll get lucky and they will elope!!!! Like I said i love my bil and im so happy for him but im afraid that myself hubby and or kids will cause unwanted drama at his wedding.

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Cunning In -laws

Posted on Mon, May. 23, 2016 at 07:27 pm

Before getting married to the guy I was dating for a long time,i had a chance to meet my future mil.
Very friendly talk was wat impressed me at first n praises from my guy about his mom made me look upon her as a goddess .
After marriage came out the true colors of mil .
She started to dominate me asking me to do dishes.On putting forward my request ,through my husband to hire a maid as I did nt do with dishes at my moms place, the response I received from mil is that " wen ur sil hd a baby n tat time I hd to struggle with no maid , n now its totally not required .

She expected me to do the dishes n I did with tears running through my cheeks as I was dominated by mil n by momma s boy my husband.

Later it started she used to set timetable for me asking me at wat time I should get up n sleep ,managing household chores even after travelling to office for hours together ,she did nt cook a descent meal wen my husband n I are bk from work n expected me to do the cooking.

Forget a good meal at in laws ,hd terrible nightmares with my husbands brother n sil makimg noise at home n disturbing my sleep.

Few days had to do without meal as mil used to leave stale fud which my husband ate without making any fuss.

Weekends got terrible ,mil wanted to accompany my husband n me wherever we wanted to go n she also stopped my husband from going out with me to movies n Restuarant.

My husband,the guy whom I was dating since long time is a momma s boy came as a shock to me .

Heart broke continued with my marriage life as fights between my husband n me happened bcoz of my husband s mother ,brother n sil.

Like icing on cake ,came his relatives to taunt about me ,advicing me on how to cook.

Husband sil was a night mare ,during our absence she would spy around in our bed room n use our bathroom n litter around .Still remember the day I brushed my tooth at the terrace of my house as she hd littered our bathroom.on questioning her she would reply I dont know .

Brother in law ,is a miser even though earns well expects my husband to spend on his family expences .my husband s nephew relies on my husband for candies ,goodies n toys !!

Mil always showcase caring attitude when in front of my husband else its the same taunt.you dont know hw to chop vegetables n cook .dont know hw u ll manage n stuff like tat.

On shifting home,my husband is tied to his mom says he can't leave her bt hd can make me travel miles together for work n have stale fud n tolerate his brother n sil n his nephew .

How I hate them all

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This is why you suck!

Posted on Mon, May. 23, 2016 at 03:29 pm

"It shouldn't bother me that my family never checks on us but it does."
And so I made a joke about how it'd be months before anyone noticed it I offed him.

I wanted to lighten the mood but yes, it's infuriating.

FIL makes me the most angry because we've tried to include him & add him in on holidays. We call. We visit. We initiate. But he's got a new girlfriend. DH has been waiting him out. He has not contacted us in OVER A MONTH! He lives in the next town!! We have the bulk of his grandkids.

And mil-you just suck. We know you don't care. We don't try to include you because even if DH does call you never ask about any of our family. Keep posting on fb like you love our kids, you never call or see them!

And to every grandparent & aunt/uncle, and cousin. You all suck. You live 30 minutes away max but never include DH in anything. You never contact him in anyway.

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My in-laws are loose cannons

Posted on Mon, May. 23, 2016 at 09:59 am

I married into a family of loose cannons. FIL was a controlling nut who wouldn't let DH and I alone to manage our own life and make major decisions about our own marriage by ourselves. ESIL and EBIL insist on having a pity party together and we don't want to be part of it. We don't and will never feel sorry for them. They were both treated like the goldens in the family, mooched off of the parents when DH and I were working our butts off and never asked for anything. For god sakes, grow up and take responsibility for your own lives and your bad behaviour. DH and I are independent and like to stand on our own two feet. FIL didn't have a will and put ESIL on his bank accounts to leave her to control everything which she loved to do, so she could screw us out of money which she did. ESIL's daughter isn't much better, she is also looking for handouts just because she has kids. They are the rudest people I know. They don't belong in a civilized society but should be living in the backwoods somewhere in trailers. Thank god we cut them out of our lives now we can concentrate on my family, who are kind, thoughtful, educated and honest.

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Posted on Mon, May. 23, 2016 at 04:57 am

So stepmonster was bragging about a relative who was brilliant (and he truly was - no credit to her) who would not take certain positions because he was afraid to fly. So stepmonster (who is really into her own special brand of "alternative" medicine) complained that he "wouldn't do anything about it. He wouldn't even get hypnotized!". So I say that, "Intelligent people can't be hypnotized." then got up to do the dishes. DH walked in a minute afterwards laughing and says, "I SOOOO expected her to say, but I get hypnotized all the time!"

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Posted on Mon, May. 23, 2016 at 04:49 am

Well, silly in-laws. Your detective skills are lacking! But bonus, at least you've learned to lie better.

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Ambulance Siren

Posted on Sun, May. 22, 2016 at 12:03 pm

DH insisted on hosting a barbecue for FIL and his horrible stepmother. As I type this, I can hear her loud no-stop obnoxious motor mouth and it sounds like an Ambulance Siren, "Me MY, Me My, Meee My". Just Shut the F up already!!!

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Top ten reasons why I hate my inlaws

Posted on Sun, May. 22, 2016 at 11:51 am

1. Sister-in-law first visit to our new apartment: She not only rearrange all my furniture but cleaned my already clean apartment.
2. Sister-in-law invites four of her friends to my wedding without telling anyone. One of these friends caught the flower bouquet and my wedding pictures show her,clueless who she is. Besides the fact,had to pay for four more dinners.
3. Borrowed 5,000. From mother-in-law because her son,my spouse collected small disability check and the fact mother-in-law gave her daughters,their children so much more. Sister-in-law had to make sure her entire family knew about this loan. At mother-in-laws funeral luncheon, brother-in-law screams out,"Some people rob the gravy train before they die". Yeah, like I'm God and know she will die shortly after loan. The loan was paid in full,was all yours?
4. Spouse gives mother a kiss good bye at the Hostipal where most of the siblings are. One shouts out, "What are you going to ask her for another loan?"
I glared at her and got Oh,I'm only joking. No your not you control nut.
5. Always told the parents have no money. Oop,that 5,000. Loan they forgot to tear off the balance of her account. So greedy liars you are.
6. Holiday gatherings, if you left the room, they would say mean,nasty things about that person and then would be so sweet when you came back in room.
7. Holiday picture, my new outfit wasn't good enough for the grandson. The control nut had to purchase the outfit she wanted,etc.
8. Without asking, just buy not one but two rabbits for my son. Hello, I have two dogs.
9. Stupid parents have six children and no will. Mayor nasty emails start between the daughters. Control nut has total control,stating her spouse and daughter get money because they cared for the parents. I thought they did it out of love not money. What about the others that helped out. Nope,just her family.
10. When the father-in law dies, the control nut will not and did not go to his funeral,etc. Nope,was advised because she had fight over the flowers ordered for the funeral. Hey,stupid we all know it was over the money.

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