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A girl can dream

Posted on Mon, Oct. 05, 2015 at 02:13 pm

When step mil dies...
Oh what a happy day! I'm sure DH and me will give each other a high five. He'll b.s. With his worthless father sure to make it seem like he cares, but I'll be doing a fist pump in the background while trying not to make him laugh. We will then promptly go to the liquor store and get ourselves a good bottle of champagne, then do a toast to one less evil witch in the world and dance to our wedding song just to rub it in the old bats face... See, none of you did manage to destroy us and our marriage, too bad so sad. Oh happy day!

When worthless fil dies...
I will try my best to feign sadness for DH so as not to be mean, but secretly I will be doing a fist pump behind his back, then proceed to ask him if we can open a good bottle of red wine (for his self care of course ;) if he's all somber and the mood is complete down I will leave him be to mope while preparing him gently for the blow that he won't be receiving an inheritance from that excuse for a man to prevent him from being further hurt. Them I will go out with my sister and we will celebrate by ordering the most sinful dessert ever!

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Watch who you call ''My' grandparents

Posted on Mon, Oct. 05, 2015 at 01:17 pm

The more I reflect on it the more unbelievable I think you behaved last Friday 'aunt IL.' At first I felt sympathy for you because I know anyone in your position would wish their family could work it out, but then you took it too far. I mistook you for a reasonable person who had the ability to be somewhat objective, but again I was wrong when it comes To you and your messed up family.
You are just so manipulative and if I ever wanted to believe you kind of cared about me and had some compassion now I certainly don't! I don't even believe anymore that you genuinely care about the wellbeing of your nephew (my DH) when it comes to your screwed up and narcissistic brother (FIL). Anything to enable him and make life 'easier' on him even if it means re-victimizing us. Hell no!

And FYI... You can stop manipulating me into coming to your nervy gathering by calling your parents MY grandparents. Who the hell do you think you are? Although I do not wish your parents any ill will I'm not a fool. I know they don't have my back. I hardly ever see them. Heck, they are by the way acquaintances at best! I will continue to treat them with decency and respect because they aren't bad people like FIL but that doesn't make them MY grandparents you nervy lady. I had a grandmother, yeah, remember the one who died last November? None of you gave a shit. No condolences cards or even a lousy email. When I did tell you about her funeral to your face you didn't even attempt to at least feign interest to be polite. Just a 'that's too bad' and that was the end of that. But now these relative strangers are MY grandparents?! And I owe all you guys something. Lady, I don't even plan to attend their funerals. Nothing personal but if it means being in a group of haters who will only cause memory grief frankly they don't mean that much to me. Hiwever, unlike you I WILL send a condolence card, maybe even a flower arrangement to show my respects which is more than any of you did for me when my grandma died!

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Revenge is sweet!

Posted on Mon, Oct. 05, 2015 at 12:47 pm

ESIL screwed over DH in the family because she is a selfish miserable bitch. DH now has the upper hand and is taking revenge by not visiting or sending gifts, etc. This is killing ESIL as she wants her daughter to live out of our pockets for her kids. Karma is playing itself out now. We have no feelings for people who have treated us so unfairly and badly in the family. WE DO NOT OWE THEM ANYTHING CONTRARY TO WHAT THEY THINK. DH's attitude is they should F Off and leave him alone! I agree.

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Ex SIL in town

Posted on Mon, Oct. 05, 2015 at 12:46 pm

EX SIL moved to a different state. She does come back to visit family when she is on vacation. I'm friends with her brother on FB. He sent me a request and I accepted. I never ask him about her. It is none of my business and I could care less. I was out with my sister this weekend. We ate at a local restaurant and she was there with her brother and I guess some friends of her brother. The reason I say that is because she was talking about being married before and not having any kids. Talked about her Dad and her brother not married and stuff like that. She was talking so loud it was hard not to hear. I don't think she even realized we were sitting a few tables away from her. Her brother saw us and smiled but didn't tell her (I don't think). I checked FB that evening to see if her brother was still friends with me. He is, but now I don't see any likes or comments from her on his page. I use to. I guess she added me to her block list. I guess she found out we were in the restaurant when she was there. LOL!!

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Very Clever ILs... underhanded to the core!

Posted on Mon, Oct. 05, 2015 at 12:02 pm

I'm speaking to you directly ex-FIL and monster of an ex step-MIL who are certainly the most pathetic out of the bunch. I know this one is all on you for various reasons.

YOU ex-FIL and ex-Stepmil have sat on your prideful arses for well over 2 years now not even caring enough to attempt to resolve anything even for DHs and our children's sake!!DH has been very forthcoming with you about the problems which you continue to ignore. You have dicked around with me even after we cut you off, can't even call DH to wish him a merry Christmas --DH has to do basically ALL of the reaching out with you sorry arses-- and then you just expect that we would show up for Thanksgiving after all of these years among a group of people who don't wish us well and/or genuinely don't have our best interests at heart, refuse to apologize or show any remorse whatsoever for their past out of control behavior, and would probably still take any opportunity to screw with us again when everyone's not looking! You are sick and twisted, but clever, I must admit.

I guess since all of this time has past and you haven't made any effort to resolve things or even admit to your part, people might finally be wising up to your character and be putting pressure on you now to resolve it, which would mean taking some RESPONSIBILITY for your twisted ways and WORKING on being better people. Can't have that now. And you saying "sorry??" Never! How out of the question. You've never said sorry in your lives, even before this situation.

So, instead you pretend with everyone like you just want to 'forgive and forget' and 'start over' to make yourselves look like you are so loving to everyone else. And you know why we know it's b.s.? Because 1) people who hurt other people like you and just brush it off with terms like 'forgive and forget' have a nerve because it's a scapegoat. Forcing people to pretend like it never happened isn't in any way sincere and is just a way for you to get off the hook so you don't have to face up to it. and 2) If you even do have the nerve to demand that we forgive you and start over, why are you letting DH's aunt speak for you? If you were even sincere about that, don't you have a phone? Don't you have text or email? Why not make every multiple effort to send the message someway yourself? You think if it comes from DH's aunt it's going to make us feel sorry for you? You're just using her as a pawn so that you can turn her and everyone else who is probably questioning you now against us just because we aren't falling for your insincere nonsense! And she's an idiot for falling for it but that's in another post.

Seriously, I feel like I've fallen into the twighlight zone. I just can't believe I married into a bunch of retards like this. They are completely incapable of reason, empathy or common sense, even the supposedly more 'decent' extended in laws. They only care about themselves and their family and could care less how it affects my health and wellbeing, the wellbeing of their nephew's marriage and even the impact it might have on the children!! I'm sure if DH and I were to divorce over this (we're seeking marriage counselling right now) and our children had problems because of a broken home these losers would just shrug, probably smile even. They don't care about us, just themselves and their image of a fake family! All so we can sit down to some dry-ass turkey, while I drink my angst away in an environment that I have no reason to believe would be any less dysfunctional. Real healthy!

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Inlaws moved in without invitation

Posted on Mon, Oct. 05, 2015 at 11:31 am

My Inlaws make themselves at home for 7 months out of the year each "summer" when they come to "visit for a couple of weeks". They're messy, disgusting, rude, always telling me what in doing wrong. My husband lets them do whatever. They make huge messes and never have bothered to pick up after themselves. I have a one year old with no immune system and several heart defects. They refuse to wash their hands and seriously spread their sick germs everywhere! Cough on the hand then touch everything in my house. I spend all day every day cleaning. The appointment we have been waiting a year to have, I had to cancel bc my son is sick. He has heart surgery tomorrow and yup he's sick bc when I ask people to wash up and not come in when they're sick... The rules do not apply. They're going to kill my baby and the only way to stop it is if I leave my husband... Which we fight all the time when they're around bc they do no wrong and I'm the witch. Ugh

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Parents In Law

Posted on Mon, Oct. 05, 2015 at 07:56 am

Do you honestly think your relationship with your son and with me could possibly get any better if you continue to cover for your unstable daughter and her erratic behavior?

Spoiler alert: Its not.

Nothing has changed. I cannot believe how stubborn you are. I see where she gets it from.

The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

I could not possibly find anything more fitting here.

You keep saying I should just "come around" to family things and sweep things under the rug----we keep saying NO. Some time goes by, and you suggest doing the same thing AGAIN.

This has happened OVER and OVER to the point where I'm beginning to question your ability to be rational, reasonable adults.

Just when I think you get it- a month goes by and you ask for the same thing again.

There is NO WAY to sweep things under the rug. Its been 9 years of me taking shit from your kids, mostly your eldest daughter. If I swept all that crap I was forced to put up with under a rug, the rug would be touching the fucking ceiling.

Its been 3 years now since the big blow up- where your daughter screamed at me like a maniac in my own house and then stormed out. I'm pregnant. Your daughter is too stubborn and proud to admit she was wrong. Your response is to put pressure on your son and I (your pregnant daughter in law) to just come around again.

That's so incredibly SELFISH. You're choosing what you believe to be the path of least resistance here and you've been doing it for 3 years.

I need to let you know- this is not the path of least resistance.Because you know how stubborn your daughter is…

I am not budging. Your son is not budging. I am no longer going to suffer any more bullshit jabs/cut downs/disparaging humor from you or your family. PERIOD.

You are upset that I'm not inviting your daughter to a party at my house?

Are you kidding me? What world are you living in where some one can do a series of shitty things for YEARS to some one else- not apologize- and then get an invite to that persons house and pretend like nothing happened?

Her shitty behavior has been going on for YEARS. Plenty of times "I swept it under the rug" and came back around without any apology- only for the same old tired shit to happen again. NO MORE.

You're living in the land of "our family does no wrong. "

My husband told me you wanted to know if your daughter would be invited to the hospital on the day I GIVE BIRTH TO OUR (mine and my husband's) DAUGHTER.

Are you out of your mind?

Do you think for one second on the most special day of our lives I am going to ALLOW anything to detract from that?

Have you not been listening? Or do you just not like what you hear?

OUR PRIORITY IS OUR FAMILY. My priority on that day is on my daughter, my husband and myself.

Your daughter could have fixed this at any time over the last THREE long years with an apology and an acknowledgment that she pulled the shit she did. PERIOD.

Isn't it SILLY when you think about it? All this frantic bullshit where you keep repeating

"When is this going to end?" You've asked that how many times over the years?

WIth the same answer: When she admits fault and apologized. PERIOD.

Keep asking the same question. Its damaging your relationship with your son and its really truly caused me to pull away and doubt your intentions for us.

Your daughter denies doing ANYTHING wrong.
But she knows what she did. I know what she did. My husband knows. We've all seen it. There are PLENTY of people who "know how she can be".

She's a woman in her FORTIES. Time to grown up and at least BEHAVE like an adult.

I think as her parents- you need to guide her through that process.

Stop trying to break us down to where we just accept lunacy as normal behavior and disrespect from people we give nothing but respect to.

You're not going to get anywhere with us that way. Not anymore.

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Your Time Is Up! You Bastards!

Posted on Mon, Oct. 05, 2015 at 06:48 am

A friend directed me to this site- it's WONDERFUL!

I can get so much off of my chest and I know others will understand where I am coming from. You are going through hell too.

My S.O's manipulative, game playing and sneaky parents have really made efforts to break us up and very nearly did at one point.

A bad phase we were both going through (due to both of us making mistakes, though the incident that started this troubed time was down to my S.O's behaviour) was made even worse by them trying to cover up what behaviour of my S.O's caused the problems in the very first place.

We were trying so hard to move on and deal with things and they tried to stir things up time and time and time again. They wanted to open old wounds and have us hate each other so that they could whisk their son away and pretend nothing ever happened to save face! Not because they care about their son, but to save some blushes.

My family did believe there might be issues within his family and it later came to light that my S.O's father is an alcoholic and that both his mother and father have used drugs. No wonder my S.O made mistakes when he has parents like that! Not exactly saintly but ready to pounce on anyone who makes the slightest mistake.

His mother in particular felt ashamed as my parents went on to find out that her 'Golden boy' was not as squeaky clean as she wanted them to believe. She in particular was a real arse-hole and went as far as intruding into our home AGAINST OUR WISHES as she cleary thought she had a right to walk all over our feelings and disrespect us in our own home. Bastard.

She did not want to hear about the actions of her son, she wanted to blame me and focus on me and run me through the mill. She is one of those types that never shuts up until she gets what she wants.

Even to this day she tries the old emotional blackmail trick to get what she wants, makes out she is worried so that she can intrude and play on my S.O's emotions. His father is a miserable and spiteful bully, a fat shit-for-brains with no manners. A real slob who goes out of his way to rile me with nasty little comments.

Well...your time is up. You won't ever change, you still try to dominate situations. And I know my S.O's father loves to run me down but never tells anyone what really happened all those years ago. Bastard.

I shall continue to keep away from you as I know you are two faced. I don't like you, I have tolerated you for my S,O's sake.

Not anymore you bastareds.

I feel sorry for my S.O. These people have made his life unpleasant at times as they want things to go from a to b to c to satisfy their demands. So selfish.

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Dad's Bitchlet

Posted on Mon, Oct. 05, 2015 at 05:42 am

I know why you asked me the name of the rubber animal my child carries. It's because your future DIL (known as my SIL that is he's dumb enough to ever marry you) told you about this site. Funny thing, she posts here too so you're all hypocrites.

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Let's Face It, SIL

Posted on Mon, Oct. 05, 2015 at 05:03 am

The only thing you really run is your mouth.

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