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Posted on Mon, Oct. 24, 2016 at 11:17 pm

You want my help now? After you decided you would drag me to court for my child? Now you want my help to get custody because you know your sorry excuse for a son can't do the job like what you disillusioned your delusional brains to believe? Forget it! We are going to do this my way or your son can appear in court via internet in hand cuffs and shackles or in person that way..

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Posted on Mon, Oct. 24, 2016 at 06:07 pm

Red-headed, white/ruddy red/freckled model, mid-30s, male - heavily used, so looks significantly older.

Useful if you want to hear how shit you, your partner, your children, and your life are vs him and his family, or if you want music blasted at inappropriate times (A FUNERAL) to the point of migraines with no regard or consideration for anyone else.

Faults include constant belittling, intentional fight provocation and verbal abuse of others, unreasonable and unwarranted arrogance, cheating with anything that moves and regular temper tantrums if he doesn't get his way.

Expansion pack include but are not limited to: blatantly stealing from you whenever the opportunity arises, making hell seem more appealing than Easter, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Christmas and other family gatherings, sponging off the rest of the family to the point of bankruptcy, moving into your house uninvited because he's helped himself to your sister's emergency key, explosive bursts of anger, heavy drinking and complete inability to care for even himself let alone his children.

SOLD AS IS. NO RETURNS. If he doesn't sell we'll be dumping him out the front with the next hard trash/waste collection.

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Posted on Mon, Oct. 24, 2016 at 05:12 pm

SIL responded to my explanation of DH and my boundaries for photos of our kids being on social media with an eye-roll and one word: "whatever."

Later, when DH and I called her out on her nastiness, she tried to say that she meant "Of course, whatever you want."

Hahaha SIL! Neither your brother or I is stupid enough to fall for that BS.

Keep it up with the constant attitude of contempt for me. We enjoy not seeing you. Three months and going strong. I can't wait til its been a whole year!

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Narcissistic SIL

Posted on Mon, Oct. 24, 2016 at 05:09 pm

My SIL has a habit of watching my social media account for anything, any meme, article, comment etc that could possibly be construed as a dig against her or MIL and then complain about it to my DH, who laughs in her face and shuts her down.
When will she get tired of it?
I'm so sorry, SIL, nothing I've EVER posted has ever been about you! Actually, I think about you a while lot less than you imagine. You're just not all that important. You are amusing, though. Too amusing for me to bother unfriending you.

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FIL you are a terrible person

Posted on Mon, Oct. 24, 2016 at 05:05 pm

My FIL told me that when DH and his kids were little, he and MIL had only one window AC unit, and they kept it in their bedroom. The kids had no AC in summer, "because they're just kids and don't care." MIL looked all embarrassed while he told me this. I guess she doesn't want anyone to know that they are a pair of selfish assholes.

Well, I caught MIL speaking harshly to my son, and when DH and I asked her never to do that again, FIL came on the phone and screamed and yelled about how kids' feelings don't matter, because they're just kids.

Wtf? What kind of people are you? Oh, right, selfish assholes who abused my DH his whole life. Selfish assholes who tried to hurt my son and then say it didn't matter. Selfish assholes we haven't seen in 3 months and counting since that incident. Selfish assholes who will have no part in my or my children's lives.

You reap what you sow, FIL. Thank you for showing me who you really are before my son turned 3 so that we could cut you out of our lives without your having done any real damage.

Good riddance, forever!

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Perfect family

Posted on Mon, Oct. 24, 2016 at 08:05 am

My in laws love to brag about what a close family they are. One in law loves to show home videos of Christmas past every year. Even her own mother looks like she doesn't want to be there. Wake up and get off your high horse.

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Outnumbered by In-Laws

Posted on Mon, Oct. 24, 2016 at 01:56 am

So we bought a house with my wife's parents. Really big...a 1000 square foot floor each and able to be self contained. Then my mother in laws idiot daughter and her idiot husband move in. They're both fat and door around eating chocolate. She has a baby that she never takes out. He thinks he's some kind of genius because he's a cop, but he's actually a racist clown who thinks he's better than anyone else. The house went from clean and tidy to a fucking pig sty. They aren't paying rent or board, but they use so much electricity, and of course their needs are most important. They're here for 6 months. It hasn't yet been 6 days and I wish they would piss of. They're absolute weeds in the garden of my life and because they're in laws I can't day anything. Morons...

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Rude, Jealous Sil

Posted on Sun, Oct. 23, 2016 at 12:36 am

My sil is 5 years older than dh and I. She has always been a jealous, vindictive, rude, snot. The first time I met her dh took me to her home. It was a disgusting, smelly pig sty. I smiled and said hello and she gave me the most stuck up look and never said a word. We rarely were around her again for years. When we were she tried to make me feel like I didn't belong in her family. Dh and I bought a house and when the inlaws would visit they would tell sil how clean our house was and how good of a housekeeper I was. Sil would snub her nose to that..lol. A year after we bought our house I got pregnant. Sil (being 5 years older) asked "why do you guys have to do everything first?" To which I replied "I never knew it was a competition". 2 weeks after our child was born we received shirts in the mail from mil and sil that read "proud aunt and uncle" meaning sil was pregnant! Her child was born exactly 9 months later. From then it was on..when we bought our child something sil bought the same thing. When we had pictures made, sil had pictures made and so on. Sil hated if we got time with the il's and she didn't! I can't count how many dirty looks and rude comments we got from sil when she'd show up to the il's and we were there. Sil and her husband moved a couple states away for her husbands job. That really killed sil to know she couldnt push her kid in front of ours. But she still did in the best way she could. Sil saw a conversation on facebook between a friend and I about me wanting to have another baby. 2 months later at Christmas we recieved a card informing us she was pregnant. When her 2nd was a year old she found out both her kids had severe, deadly allergies. I dont wish that on anyone but could that be karma? Sil always bragged about her new child having a few curls in her hair and talked about my kids straight, thin hair. Fast forward a year I had my 2nd child. Who by the way has Shirley Temple curls and sil is even more jealous. The attention seeking, jealousy got worse. Sil started making comments about how she can't believe our kids dont have allergies..to which I replied "Obviously you and your husband aren't a good mix" when we were alone ;-). Mil is not my friend either (thats a whole other story) and she had been dying for sil to have a boy since the day WE had a girl. She pushed for sil to one up us..thats where sil gets it from. Dh and I never planned to have anymore children but we ended up pregnant...with a boy! Sil was soo green with envy it was disgusting. One day fil told sil right in front of us that he hoped she wasn't gonna try for another baby because we dont need anymore poor kids with deadly allergies. Sil turned red. :-D Sil makes sure to tell us every chance she gets that she COULD have another baby if she wanted. I told her thats great, she can go ahead but we're done. Sil had a huge 5 bedroom 4 bath home built to one up us. We have been there 1 time in 5 years. It's just as filthy as the first home she lived in. The one time we were there, all the il's were there for a house warming. Sil made sure to push our kids out and make hers the center of attention..just down right dirty about it. So we left in the middle of the night and drove 8 hours home because we were sick of it and felt bad for our disrespected kids. Her kids are rude brats. Before they were even 5 they were telling ppl they hated them and saying many other mean things. Our children dont even know what hate is. Its still a problem to this day. Now its just facebook wars. I have everything she posts on facebook hidden. About once a month I break down and look at her page and see she is still having a war WITH HERSELF since we dont even know what shes doing but she sees all of our business. Whats hilarious (and Im not this way to anyone but her) but we will have over 100 ppl like, comment, praise our children on just 1 photo I post and when she posts right behind us pics of her smug brats she's lucky to have 2 ppl acknowledge it..and its usually mil and ail. I know this will never stop no matter how much we ignore but it gives me such a headache. I've never seen this severity of insecure jealousy. I guess the sayings true - LOVE YOUR HATERS, THEY'RE THE ONES WHO THINK YOUR BETTER THAN THEM.

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Taboo thoughts

Posted on Sat, Oct. 22, 2016 at 07:49 pm

I never ever thought I would say this about anyone, but ESIL, I'm GLAD you're having trouble conceiving. I'm glad you've been trying with no luck for 2 years, all while bible-bashing me and reminding me how inferior I am for not sharing your belief of your imaginary friend in the sky. As if it's not enough that you BEAT poor BIL so badly he shows up at our house at all hours of the morning trying to escape you? As if it's not enough that you force him to do 100% of the domestic duties unassisted all while expecting him to work full-time? As if it's not enough to throw a tantrum every time you don't get your way? Now you want to add an infant into that mix? Poor BIL is killing himself for you and he's still not good enough?!?! For a god-fearing, evangelical moron, you've got to be the most evil-spirited, manipulative, rude, obnoxious, unintelligent, nasty person I've ever had the utmost displeasure of meeting. News flash, if god is real, you're not getting into heaven anyway, no matter how many times you go to church or bless your food. So I'm GLAD you can't have a baby. Because all you do is think of yourself and put everyone around you down. I can't wait until BIL wakes up and gets rid of you. You're shit with children anyway.

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Posted on Sat, Oct. 22, 2016 at 01:06 pm

A couple years ago for Christmas, FIL and SMIL bought Nutty SIL a Christmas dress...she was 48 years old at the time; an expensive winter coat...I guess being unemployed pays off; and a Kitchen Aid mixer...she can't even pour herself a bowl of cereal. DH and BIL received matching sweaters. What? Really? Matching sweaters? What are they toddlers? Moving on...PIL got me a small collection of perfume samples that come in the Sunday papers. Total cost of $1.00, which was the cost of the bag. Nutty SIL got me meat rub. She followed it up by saying, "I know you don't eat meat, so if you don't want it you can give it to me." Oh, how thoughtful! I gave it to BIL, who loves to grill.

The following Christmas, before CO, DH and I bought BIL a leather jacket, biking helmet and biking shoes. We gifted FIL a rusty tackle box...for his rusty lures; SMIL a coffee mug, with a chip, that read "Christmas Sucks," and Nutty SIL a pair of dollar panty hose, unwrapped. They were pissed. But DH and I felt free. Interestingly, BIL, unknown to us, did the same thing! In fact, he gave Nutty SIL the same meat rub she had given to me. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a container of meat rub.

Lesson: Stop dreading Christmas. GIVE what you GET! Meaning: cheap gifts beget cheap gifts;
forgotten birthdays go two ways; abusive phone calls beget harassment charges...until you finally reach a point of CO. This will be our first Christmas without the in-laws. We are actually looking forward to it!

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