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Posted on Mon, Jul. 06, 2015 at 07:55 am

Anyone remember the game "Chicken"? Where two cars race at each other until one veers away to avoid a collision? That was my July Fourth BBQ. My husband invited his parents, as mentioned in a previous story, and they did show up. I looked at my husband and he had the nerve to smirk. At that moment my SIL walked into the kitchen. She saw me pick up my car keys and head to the front door. She grabbed her purse and ran after me. We spend Saturday, Sunday and who knows how many more days at a lovely hotel. For the last two days, we sat poolside sipping Margaritas. We aren't sure how much longer we will stay. Neither of us have contacted our husbands. By the number of cellphone calls and texts we have received from them I would say they are upset and worried. My SIL and I ignored their efforts, just like they ignored their parents treatment of us. Tonight will be another Margarita night! Cheers!!!!

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Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 10:24 pm

The best 4th of July EVER!!!!!!

No screeching in laws feral brats. No mother of feral brats trying to dump her kids to us. No cleaning of said feral brats mess. No BS sob story of feral brats mother trying to mooch money off us.

Just friends, their well behaved kids, booze, bbq, pool, joy, chill, and the best view of the fireworks show.

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Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 09:46 pm

All my in-laws do is copy other people. They have no original thought in any of there heads.
Literally, you trace back anything these people say or do to other people real or not (they have copied people off soap operas on numerous times).
My SIL and MIL slowly began copying me with my hair colour and fashion sense... That was my cue to cut these people off and never look back.
I'm just glad my husband very rarely copies someone else.

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I'm Done

Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 07:04 pm

At the end of the day I can say when it comes to ur family "not my circus not my monkeys" however seeing as you have chosen the "monkeys" over me.. (your wife) & dd all I can say is enough is enough. I thought by giving u a loving family/support system u would feel better about yourself.... not so much apparently. Your problems r not ours though. I refuse to drag MY child through the abuse your mom created for u just because u can't stand up for urself. I expect more for her. Grow some nuts.

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Everybody stop...the in-laws need attention.AGAIN

Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 04:51 pm

Everybody stop what they are doing!!! My in laws need attention. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. I swear every damn day of the week someone in that stupid family has either an aliment or financial troubles.EVERY FUCKING DAY my husband gets a call or text that so and so is sick, or in need of money. News flash ...YOU AREN'T GETTING ANY OF MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MONEY!!!! And if your sick...take a damn aspirin. And stop stressing my husband out. It's causing too much damn tension between us. My god the man's been out of the mom's vagina for 46 fucking years!!!! I can't even get him INTO my vagina because he's too busy with all of in laws bullshit to have sex with me. I'm a born again virgin at this point!!! I bet tomorrow so and so will have a boo boo and have to rush to the ER for treatment. These morons use the ER more often than any other illegal as a doctor office. WTF is wrong with these PEOPLE!!!! And stop ASKING for money because you fuck tards can't keep out of jail or not pay your bills. My husbands and I are NOT fucking ATMs!!!! WE have money because WE are not STUPID and save OUR money. WE also DON'T go to the doctor for every dumb ass problem. Shit I can't even remember the last time I've been. Thats because I take CARE of myself. Oh and I actually PAY for my health insurance and doctor bills if I do go. Fucking leaching ass LOSERS. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Ok i feel better now :)

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My Sociopath Sister in Law

Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 03:34 pm

These are the stunts that my SIL pulls- she lives 200klm away;
Invites herself to stay over when not convenient.
Cooks without asking.
Takes the TV remote all weekend.
Opens all the windows without asking because she's too hot.
Gets tickets for her & my MIL & never invites me.
Spends most of her time on her cellphone ignoring us.
Brings wine & food, taking home anything she doesn't consume.
Not once in 7 years has she ever invited us to her house...I don't even know where this awful woman lives. Is it me or is this bizarre??!!

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Lessons I Have Learned

Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 11:42 am

After being married for 19 years, and being miserable because of the awful in-law hand that I was dealt, I have finally learned to be happy. I have finally learned that:
1. Toxic behavior gets a healthy response. Toxic behavior once is an accident, twice or more is intentional.
2. Not seeing someone isn't a way to punish them. Instead, it is a way to protect me. I will no longer feel guilty if I don't see toxic people. Instead, I will feel blessed that I am strong enough to protect
3. I won't be loved, liked, appreciate, or adored by everyone. That is okay. I can, however, choose who I am around. And I chose to be around people who love, like, and adore me.
4. I will not get in the way of my spouse having a relationship with his/her toxic family members. If he/she chooses to see these people at their residencies, or over the phone, so be it. No blame will be placed on me. However, I will
protect myself and my children at all costs.
5. I can forgive without an apology, but I don't have to forget or be in relationship with cruel people without one. If the
Lord requires
repentance, then so do I.
6. I CAN move on. I can and will move on from the pain, humiliation, anger and embarrassment these people have caused me. One way I move on is by taking my thoughts captive. I WILL NOT dwell on thoughts of them. I will not dwell on their negative words, glaring stares, cold shoulders or intentional actions. Instead, I will take those thoughts and use them as fuel to better myself, move forward and NEVER return to those poor relationships again.
And last but not least....I will and can forgive myself for staying too long in relationship with them, taking too much, and not valuing myself
more. I can and will learn to LET GO and LET GOD.

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Another day of drama

Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 10:37 am

Shocker!!! My ILS have drama AGAIN. It's an everyday thing. Like EVERYDAY. If someone isn't sick and dying then someone is in financial trouble. My husband's attention has to constantly be diverted to THEM. Heaven forbid if he could go a whole freaking 24 hrs without talking to them. It's laughable at this point. Like really. Ha fucking ha! I'm so getting a boyfriend that's an only child with NO extended family. 😠

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Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 09:09 am

This is what I want you to get thru your stubborn head- less is more! Less of you in our lives means:1. I enjoy life more.2. I enjoy my family more. 3. I like my husband more. 4. I like myselfore. 5. I can even enjoy our short and sweet get-togethers more when I know we won't have to see you again so soon! So MIL, for so many years, I accepted your crap, and you see, we're not stooping to your level and throwing your crap back at you. We're just building crap barriers and shields so that when you attempt to throw it at us, the shield bounded it back to you. So in essence, you are crapping on yourself - not us anymore!!!

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Snakes in the grass

Posted on Sun, Jul. 05, 2015 at 07:24 am

EBIL and his wife (ESIL) have 4 kids and have been mooching off FIL and MIL and DH and his other siblings. This has been happening for like 20 years. EBIL steals money from us (thousands). He uses the classic "I'll pay you back tomorrow" but then when he needs more, the tab restarts at $0 and sometimes we even owe HIM money. Isn't that just outrageous? We have never borrowed a dollar from him, he has possibly bought us a $5 meal each once. He has caused us financial and legal problems. Then the mf ignored us until he needed a big favour. We ignored him and then he lied to MIL that we ignored his attempt at contacting us and made her upset that we have 'ill feelings'. EBIL and ESIL are useless, don't like to work (who does?), and constantly try to turn me against the other SIL who is a decent human being who doesn't take money from siblings young enough to be her children. DH hates them which is great for me.

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