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Why won't you go away?

Posted on Mon, Jan. 16, 2017 at 12:11 pm

MIL is a narcissistic bitch. She's always after the next shiny new toy that she can't afford. She uses our family to show off to her own white trash family and I'm sick to of it. She's a freaking train wreck and I will breathe a sigh of relief the day she finally dies. I hate you!!!!!

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Posted on Mon, Jan. 16, 2017 at 11:00 am

My mother in law is a crazy lunatic. She seriously is in love with her son and wants him all for herself, its disgusting. Her husband has money.. so she thinks she can hold that over our heads. We don't ask for a penny from her, and never will. I didn't matter her son because his family has money... I married her son because I love him. Even though she told me numerous times i think she is my "meal ticket". (I've worked since I was 13 years old) JUST SAYING.

She is mad that we are working three jobs to buy our own first home.. so the house we live in that we pay rent for, she is in the process of evicting us.

Did I mention she called my husbands boss to make up lies about him to get him fired?

Or the part where she brings my mother into every battle.. calls my family poor, uneducated, less then her..

Did I mention she is on her 4th marriage?'

When I first met her she was so nice.. I currently am finding myself having to go to the police to put her crazy actions on record.. she threatens us to call the COPS everyday making up lies that my husband is beating me.

Oh but she is a firm believer in God and lets the world know she is so wonderful... she is a fake crazy person and hides behind closed doors in her dark unhappy world. She is so mean to her own son because she doesn't get her own way.. its the most bizarre thing I have ever experienced in my entire life.

I had my last straw with her.. we are young, and just starting our life together I told her I never want a relationship with her and she will never see our kids when we have them one day.

Then she acts like she is the victim and wants the world for feel bad for her acting like my man and I are out to get her.. KARMA better hurry up and get her.

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Posted on Mon, Jan. 16, 2017 at 07:51 am

No-we do not want to live our lives the way you do.

No-we will not furnish, decorate or alter our home to suit your tastes.

No-we will not quit our fantastic jobs to take on those you deem worthy.

No-we will not allow you to guilt trip or blackmail us emotionally into doing what you want.

No-you do not fix days to visit us without first seeing it's convenient first, or that we are OK with said day.

No-your implying to others that you think something isn't right 'You can't put your finger on it' will not make us give in to your demands and do what you want when you want.

No-you are not doing anything extraordinary, you aren't different to anyone else doing those exact same things, so do not deserve adoration or a standing ovation.

No-you can't get between us and split us up.

No-we will not turn out to be like you. Unfulfilled, unhappy, mostly joyless, stuck in a rut.

No-we will not automatically believe what you say about people when you are being malicious and gossip about everybody you ever come across.

No-you do not fool us into thinking that your marriage hasn't been sad and empty of real feeling, love or warmth by your embarrassingly fake displays of affection.

No-you'll never be able to spend the time you want with us as you just offload your toxic energy onto us and it takes time to recover from that.

No-you do not deserve to get away with what you have done, and so will never be included in gatherings we have, where we celebrate with those who genuinely are here for us and who we want in our lives.

No-we will not change our minds. It's too late. You will get no more chances, ever.

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Eastern European Inlaws from Hell

Posted on Mon, Jan. 16, 2017 at 03:09 am

So i met this amazing Woman. We went on many dates and hit it off straight away. We were both quite eager to move in and start a life together. Along these dates id be informed that by 9:30PM she must be home. At the time i didnt think much of it. Boy was i wrong.

I didnt get a chance to met these 2 parents. They live in State housing and are in there late 60's and they know how to use the system. They never worked since they arrived here from Bulgaria jsut lumbered into a tax payers apartment block right smack bang in the city centre with millon dollar views.

Firstly i was informed they are quite people which i was so happy to hear as im a quite guy and part of the thing that appealed to me with this woman was that she seemed content to find a man and start a life. I was never into large close familys after previous relationships. I just wanted a woman who was in control of her life and we could eventually start a family.

A few months in after this woman had seen my house and was impressed at what i had to offer in my early 30's. nice house not too big but it was around 45 minute drive away from the city centre.

I couldnt have walked into a bigger trap. After we got engaged i was the last to know that her family including her toxic sister and her little brat niece where all unhappy that i lived just a little out of town. This became a huge topic as soon as my first son came along they would demand to see her every day. My wife is liek a puppet. She would have to drag herself all the way to the city centre to see her hypercondriac mother who was the main reason for all this mess early on. This woman would call and cry for her daughter to come visit on a daily basis. I had the sister inlaw come around and ask me to move house.

Long story short the sister and the niece caused huge problems for us and came between us at every moment. I couldnt possibly describe all the incidents but they hated my guts from the get go.

After a few months of tug and war i decided enough was enough and i booted the people renting a small investment property i had after much pressure to live near public transport for them to come visit.

The tenants had a fixed lease so i had to burden my own parents after we sold my house to move in until we could move to this apartment.

After moving into this apartment the parents never came to visit. My son was having feeding problems but heck the mother was still crying about losing her daughter to some man my wife who i was extremely angry with at the time was putting my son second to go visit this bag of lollies on a daily basis

After many appointments with my son the doctors were concerned my son wasnt getting the attention he needed. I blamed this family for just trating my wife like a puppet and not letting us live our own life to a certain point.

After a year in this apartment it was getting too small. And the search was on for a new house. We sold the apartment and moved back in with my folks until a house that we liked came available. I wanted a small mortgage but sure as eggs my wife wanted a house in the same suburb as her sister.

We bought a house only 30 seconds drive from this witch! Mistake number 2 or more like 1000!

By this point my $100,000 job was looking rocky as i was suffering depression and anxiety and also developing a alcohol and cannibas addiction.

Months after moving in these 2 were at our house constantly! in my business every second that i ended up losing my job that i worked at for 15 years. I had to go into a rehab centre to get off all the dammage i was doing to my body.

they still had the nerve to come around and judge me constantly . "You drink and smoke too much" have you got another job yet"?

My wife didnt work for all these years i tried my best to give her the life of a mum with 2 young kids but in the end i completely crumbled! i lost my job lost my health and it took an intervention to save our relationship and for my mum to tell her sister inlaw / niece and mother in law to F off and leave us alone and more the point me! who has had every one of her family mumbers take a swing at me.

Bulgarians are like no other species ive ever met. they are contolling, think they are always right and worst of all they all liev out of each others pockets.

The mother in laws health is getting worse and although im not one to talk like this once she is in the ground ill be happy to poor a bottle of whiskey over her grave once ive filted it through my kidneys!

as for the scum bags down the road mu mum told her she would knock them out and to leave us alone atleast dont come to our house you can all have your bulgairan bitch sessions about me at your 1 bedroom palace in the city or down the road. This sister inlaw had the nerve to insult my poors days weight over a xmas lunch and my mum sorted her out and i think now my wife supports me not having to have a relationship with the sister and niece which is all i ever wanted! My poor dad was on steroids for a kidney problem that was very serious and makes you gain weight. This sister in law is so stupid shes a single mum to this little brat who has been dating a muslim guy and shes pretty much a servant to both of them. They both sit on there arse wathcing telly why she in the maid. The daughter wants the mum to move in when they get married and the mussy guy is happy about that . Strange bunch. Glad they are history for me and they can talk about me all i want know i dont have to know ro know them!

Once the parents are gone which should be within 7 - 10 years ill just have to wait for this muslim guy to hopefully move to another planet then ill live happily ever after!

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BIL...Hate Him...Hate Him...Hate Him!

Posted on Mon, Jan. 16, 2017 at 01:10 am

I hate my BIL! My husband and I had a conversation today about "when his mom leaves us" it will be a battle with his brother about who gets what! I know that it's my husband's fight, but all I can think about is how he should get NOTHING,NOTHING,and NOTHING and how much I would absolutely love to join in on this fight!

Hmmmm....I wonder if my husband will stop me if I beat the living shit out of him!

In my opinion, he deserves absolutely nothing! You don't help! Your just as much trouble and a burden as my horrible, selfish, and self-absorbed MIL! (That's another story)

You think that you are helping out so much by coming once every month in a half and to pick up your mom! Well it's NOT! You can't even keep her for 24 hours. (Thanks for the break ASS HOLE)! Your so fucking useless it's unbelievable.

You have no idea what we go through on a daily or even weekly basis. She is so difficult to deal with!

Where the hell were you? When my husband and I wanted to go spend time with friends or go out to dinner and your mom played the "fucking helpless" card and we had to stay with her. How many times did you miss out on anything because of your mom??? NOT ONE DAMN FUCKING TIME!

Where the hell where you? When at 8:00 at night and your mom wanted sour cream from the store. Again no where to be found!

Where the hell where you? When it was the middle of the day and the power goes out. Now both of us are roughly about 40 miles from the house so my husband and I decide to rush and race each other home in traffic.(That was fun) Well we get finally get to the house and did you have to listen to her tell us the lights didn't turn on and the tv wasn't working...um NO...again where the hell where you?

Where the hell where you? When your mom was in the hospital? I was there every day (not for her, you, or me) for my husband! I saw you once out of the four days! Again, your fucking useless! Where the hell where you?

I can go on forever about how much I hate you, but now the baby is crying. I fucking hate you BIL! O and while I'm saying how much I hate you I hate your wife too!

Fuck you, your wife, and your mom!

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Get your own TV

Posted on Sun, Jan. 15, 2017 at 09:28 pm

My SIL sneaks into our house during the day when we are at work and watches all of our PVR tv shows.

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Above The Rules

Posted on Sun, Jan. 15, 2017 at 08:29 pm

Life at the family compound until we can move OR Husband and I vs. other family who live there, i.e. his aunt and uncle who are above the rules of his grandparents (homeowners) .
How they live: 1. Cook and prepare meals whenever they want 2.Occupy and trash 2 bedrooms, living room,and leave their mess all over the house and yard.3.Bring a feral cat in as their pet(only theirs) with its fleas and lack of immunizations 4. Act like we're the creeps who can't get along.
How we live:
1.Occupy 1 bedroom, bathroom,stairwell and keep it clean and don't leave messes.2.Forced to eat out or cook after 11pm, because they won't let us use the kitchen or it's too trashed to use.3.Go to a laundromat(washer/dryer in use all day. 4.Put our grill in storage(gave up using it after deck got trashed). Sick of the double standards and hope to move soon, and be free of ugly, spoiled, entitled assholes.

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Sorry,But I Wish You All Were Dead

Posted on Sun, Jan. 15, 2017 at 08:02 pm

After years of being worn down emotionally and physically due to the stress, sorry to sound un-Christan, but I wish 99% of my in-laws would die. If I had nothing to lose, I'd do it myself. Sadly,all my in-laws will probably live to ripe old age.For example, Husband has an uncle who has wasted his life being pussy- whipped by his worthless,ugly shrew wife. The dude eats crap, chain smokes, and has survived a stroke and what should of been terminal cancer. My MIL,who was one of my best friends, who wasn't afraid to call out the worthless family idiots, drops dead of a heart attack at 57, along with FIL, who died 6 months later. The others should be in that grave, not them.

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My MIL is the devil

Posted on Sun, Jan. 15, 2017 at 02:54 pm

She wouldn't come to our wedding because the date and location we inconvenient for her. She makes comments about my weight "I'd give you my old clothes but they'd be too small". She and her boyfriend stayed at our house for over 2 months but she complained the whole time about the food, toilet paper, temperature, etc. When my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer she said "oh well when it's your time to go..,". She ignores me at family gatherings and talks about his first wife (Ina whisper as if I don't know). She looks me up and down with a disgusted look. She only talks to my husband and pretends I don't exist. I can't wait until she or her pathetic boyfriend gets sick..." Oh well, when it's your time to go..." Hate her!

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Posted on Sun, Jan. 15, 2017 at 02:40 pm

Why are grown men so obsessed with their families? Is it because men sometimes have less friends than women? Pathetic seeing a grown "man" put his family of origin before his wife and child.

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