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Collective Mental instability

Posted on Mon, Jan. 15, 2018 at 11:29 am

A bit of a back story...All of my in laws have been crazy since this women married my husband's brother. My new SIL is manipulative, a secretive bully and just horrible. She took my MIL shopping for an engagement ring months before my BIL (Brother in Law) proposed to her. She refused for my MIL to talk to me. She would call when I was over. She would conveniently find us and drop by when I was out with my MIL. I was newly engaged at the time and had zero time to get to know my new MIL as this woman kept showing up or calling.

This new SIL would not allow my MIL to get to know me. My MIL refused to acknowledge this was happening. MY husband spoke up against the incidents and things got worse. MY SIL starting telling my stories as if they were hers. MY professional awards were hers. MY ideas and daily activities became hers. She would call my MIL several (10-15times) a day and tell my stories as her own over and over again until my MIL refused to believe this was my life. A couple times I had to pull out documentation to prove it! My MIL did not ask the same of SIL. One time, my SIL told my brother a childhood story. My brother said how weird that she had the same experience because that was a famous family story. SIL slinked away because she had been "caught".

I had my first child who was in the hospital for an infection a few days after he was born. We were told that if we didn't show up for event with SIL then MIL would not talk to us because it would upset her too much.

When my son was three months old, he required open heart surgery. He was dying and needed the surgery to save his life. At the same time, my heart started failing. It was a very stressful time for my husband and I.

Every time my MIL visited us at the hospital she was on the phone with my SIL. EVERY.TIME. She would not get off the phone!!!! One time, my SIL visited us at the hospital. It was after my child's surgery. She left and my MIL walked her out of the hospital. My MIL returned giggling and cackling like there was a funny joke. I asked her what was so funny. Apparently, my SIL told my MIL that I was a horrible mother and that I didn't know how to parent a child in the hospital. That was the funny joke. Mind you, my SIL had NO children at the time and I had been a sickly child in and out of the hospital most of my childhood. My MIL and SIL are very cruel. SO many stories of those two when my child was in/out of the hospital.

Fast forward to a few years ago, we had to move out of state. My husband had lost his job. He found another one in another state. My SIL contacts me to ask for ideas about gifts for my children. She has two children now and I ask the same of her. She says she doesn't know and asks for ideas. I send a list of ideas and she emails back "no" to every item. I send a few more things and the answer is "no". I ask her if my ideas are bad then what does she want for her daughter. She sends an idea for an $85 gift. Mind you, neither my husband or I are working and we are preparing to move. I write back stating it's too expensive. Then, she says "fine, don't buy anything".

I receive a call from my MIL. She says don't buy anything for them so I have money to buy something for SIL's kids. This is a habit they have. SIL sends difficult and manipulating emails. Two hours later, MIL calls and talks about the email exchange and how I am being mean/difficult/insulting/etc to SIL.

SOoooo, it's the holiday time. We show up at my MIL's house. My husband is literally leaving the state within 72hours of this dinner. My children and I were to move a few months later. My SIL greets me at the front and first words are "We are moving out of state (and into the state you are moving to)!" The whole evening is around my SIL and her husband and how they are moving. Not a word about my husband and I leaving. My FIL (father in law)and my BIL (brother in law) get into a heated fight at the dinner table as to who will be leaving first and who will be sorry because they moved. Again, none of these people were planning to move and still haven't moved.

We go to open the holiday gifts for the kids. My MIL bought EVERY SINGLE ITEM that my SIL refused during our emails in October. EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM I listed. She did not buy the $85 gift. I asked what "Santa" brought for the girl and that, too, was one of my suggestions!!!!

By this time, my SIL had twisted our email that I hated her daughter. My SIL was calling her daughter the "Holy Messiah". My MIL agreed and kept saying very passive aggressive things to me about how much I did not like SIL's daughter. ALL not true!! ALL manipulated lies. We brought out our gifts. I gave our gift to the girl. These two women were literally shocked that I bought a gift for the girl. As it turns out, our gift was the FAVORITE gift of my niece that year!!! Sad to say her mother is a twisted, manipulative jerk.....same with my MIL.

After that holiday, my SIL had a family event. She invited me. Then, she emailed me and uninvited my children and I. My husband was out of state at this time. My BIL sends out pics of the event. Everyone in the family was there except my children and I! Classy!

Then, during the few months before we moved to meet my husband in another state, my MIL started cornering me and talking incessantly about SIL's underwear.....over and over. It made me very uncomfortably. For months, she would trap me in a corner and talk about SIL's underwear.

We finally moved. Things seemed ok, Then, MY MIL refuses to talk to us for 18 months! My FIL just yells at my husband. We have no idea what is going on. We are shunned from the family. Then, my MIL writes a letter that "bygones should be bygones" and "she wants her family back". I have no idea what hit us, but were thrown out of the family like garbage. When communication ended, MIL didn't know why and wanted us to keep communicating. WHAT?!!

My husband refuses to speak to his parents because they are insane. I tried to write to them and explain that they stopped talking to us and they created some crazy drama when we moved away. My MIL responds that she is floored that I see her this way. Then, she tells me to remember all the times she was there to help me when no one else would.

Ummmm, the times you were on the phone? The times you refused to talk to me? The time you put me on stage and forgot my name, but said that my SIL was "one of you"? The rude comments in the hospital? The times you agreed to babysit, but gave me a list of rules including times and no diaper changing? The times you refused to babysit on my husband's (your son's) birthday because you had plans with SIL.....that was every single year that I have known my husband. The times when you would only talk about SIL's kids? The time when you emotionally destroyed my 4 year old and drove him into therapy? The time when you were at the hospital and on the phone? The time when you made fun of me while my son was in recovery from open heart surgery? The time you attacked me for your own mistakes (another story not stated here)? The time you sent a "wedding album" and it was of my SIL only??

Yes, I remember how you treated my husband, my children and myself!!!!

Where was the help or kindness or compassion? It was nowhere.

And over this past holiday, MIL sent a warm and loving card to my parents. She sent an empty card to my husband and I. Literally, it only had her name and FIL name on it. This is not how she normally signs cards. The passive aggressive hatred continues. And, she expects us to continue with communication.

My MIL says she wants her family to communicate and, yet, still very passive aggressive. We also found out that SIL bought a house a few doors down from my MIL. I cannot go on with this crazy family behavior. My husband and I decided we can no longer live with this group psychotic behavior. It will get worse with these two women living so close to each other. No Thank you!!!!! These people need serious psychiatric help.

*****And, this is only a handful of all the stories and activities these women have done.

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You're hopeless lady

Posted on Sun, Jan. 14, 2018 at 11:16 pm

My mother in law is nuts. We both know we don't like each other. She got implants done at 60 years old which is weird to me considering she would joke about (make fun of me about) the fact that Im very naturally well endowed. Even said in front of family I should contact her surgeon for a breast reduction. Like bitch, you staying away from me forever would be a bigger weight lifted off my shoulders than any legitimate surgery.

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Dumb Ass SIL’s

Posted on Sun, Jan. 14, 2018 at 08:51 pm

Both of them are dumb and one of them, dumber than the other. They secretly hate eachother but are co-dependent because nobody else deals with them. The dumber one has been trying to earn the other’s respect over the past 25 years, too stupid to realize that they (MIL & SIL) always talk about her behind her back. Evil dumb SIL has no real friends because she can’t be one herself. She is just like MIL, more fake than any knock off brand from China. even fake would say they’re fake as hell. But, the dumber SIL thinks that she’s always had some place among them by making me look like the bad one years and years ago. I wasn’t stupid to stick around that bullshit and join that fucked up dysfunctional circus. I cut the motherfuckers off so quick, it made their heads spin! No explanations just some of my magic “Bitch-Be-Gone” spray and they were terminated from my life like the lowdown dirty rats they are. To them, I may be the bad one because I cut them off the way I did but, bitches gotta learn some time! Ratchet ass MIL will go to her grave, not ever learning one single thing but, how to be rotten from the inside out. If they haven’t learned by now, well, that’s just what dumb ignorant fools do - they keep making the same mistakes becoming roadkill for the Karma bus. They’re too stupid to realize the Karma bus done ran over their asses plenty of times but, they were just “victims” in their own eyes. I really hope all the evil things they did and said about me comes back and swallows them whole. Each and every one of those lying degenerates. They couldn’t find anything to pin on me so they made up lies just to get people to hate me. I can’t think of anything worse than what they have already done to me so, having their own actions come back on them ten fold would be blissful! It must really suck to live fake lives. Underneath the facade are grotesque bitches trying to pawn themselves off as something they can never be... decent human beings.

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My ugly sister in laws

Posted on Sun, Jan. 14, 2018 at 07:51 pm

Hey you three ugly, fat sisters,
Your handsome, educated brother has been mine for the past 10 years. He has been loving me and he has been sleeping with me. Some one like him would never marry any of you three bitches. You three may die out of jealousy now!

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Golden Anniversary

Posted on Sun, Jan. 14, 2018 at 02:13 pm

My husband’s Aunt who didn’t want my husband to marry me just celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary in August. Her husband is 5 years past retirement age yet continues to work. Guess home life with Auntie isn’t too happy. LMAO.

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You reap what you sow

Posted on Sun, Jan. 14, 2018 at 11:01 am

You wonder why nobody cares to contact you?

The reason is because when you see people twice a year, and you have to go to them, they don’t know you very well.

You tell us you go see this person and that person all the time, yet you barely ever came here.

You’re love with strings is toxic, and stop blaming everyone else for what YOU caused!

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Crazy Lady!

Posted on Sun, Jan. 14, 2018 at 09:45 am

I feel like screaming to my mother in law! Let me breathe! She is such a crazy lady! Whenever I am talking to her(on phone), before me finishing the sentence she jumps to telling what I am doing wrong. One time, she said I should use fresh veggies instead of frozen ones giving all the health reasons. After a week, the discussion came to veggies, and she said I should use frozen ones! It is her whole goal is to defy what I am saying even if she is defying herself at times. I hate that my hubby is so close to her.She is so good at making my hubby sympathetic to her conditions which I never ever get !!

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Don't even!

Posted on Sat, Jan. 13, 2018 at 12:17 pm

Look here bitch, don't EVER try giving us advice on getting pregnant. Ever! Telling us we should wait a year after the wedding? You're a hypocrite and a fucking joke! Your first husband married you because you got pregnant at 19! How the fuck can you give advise on family planning?!? You're lucky you found someone else to marry you after your first husband divorced you! You do nothing but sit around your house in pajamas and talk on the phone, gossiping about everyone and involving yourself in other people's relationships! You're fucking pathetic!

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Posted on Sat, Jan. 13, 2018 at 04:23 am

Dear sister in law,
You are a crazy cuckoo and need to be locked up in a crazy house I do not know anyone who would go to the extreme to treat someone so poorly. I hope and pray that karma gets yo and gets you good .

The end 😂

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10 sure fire Tips to make your dil hate you

Posted on Fri, Jan. 12, 2018 at 02:40 pm

1. Make belittling comments to your dil and laugh as is it is a joke
2 Make sure dil is always the butt of the joke
3 Remind dil how lucky she is to be married to mil perfect son and do this frequently
4 Be very generous with your other 2 sons who have made poor choices and also to their kids but be extremely stingey to dh and dil who have stayed married
5 Brag often about yourself
6 talk baby talk to your son who is 60 and you are 90
7 shut out dil who has made heroic effort to remain civil and keep the peace by repeatedly saying you are a private person
8 never be kind or complementary to dil or tell her son is lucky to be married to her especially when dil supported him financially when he was unemployed more than once
9. Bring cheap box of cookies as token gift when you come visit for days ...every time
10 be sure to talk over dil and never listen to her

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